Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary Florida, National Audubon Society

26 04 2015

Snapchat story on the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Florida, National Audubon Society.

If you missed my Snapchat story on the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Florida, you can watch it here.

Why is it called Corkscrew Swamp?

Back in the olden days when they used to come up out of the salt water into what is now know as the Imperial River to get fresh water for their boats — they didn’t have any wells in those days — they’d have to take a cask and come up into the headwaters of that creek to get the fresh rain water, and it was so twisty that they called it Corkscrew Creek, or Corkscrew River, at that time. Actually, the headwaters of that was what is now known as Corkscrew Swamp.

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is a National Audubon Society sanctuary located in southwest Florida, north of Naples, Florida and east of Bonita Springs, in the United States. The sanctuary was established to protect one of the largest remaining stands of bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) and pond cypress (T. ascendens) in North America from extensive logging that was ongoing throughout the 1940s and 50s.

The Corkscrew Cypress Rookery Association was formed in 1954 to protect the area. The National Audubon Society accepted responsibility for management and started constructing the first boardwalk through the swamp in 1955. In all, nearly 45 square kilometres (17 sq mi) of wetland was purchased or donated (most from or by the owners, Lee Tidewater Cypress Center Co. and Collier Enterprises).


Tokyo Japan Cherry Blossoms Sky Treetower and More

12 04 2015

I had the opportunity to visit Japan and created some Snapchat stories along the way. If you missed them you can watch the highlights here.

We visited the Cherry Blossoms as they were just on the other side of peak and got some interesting photos. We visited The Skytree Tower, Central Tokyo for an interesting photo walk, a Samurai village, visited some friends including one of Japans most famous wood craftsman for carving wood hawks or eagles, I also visited a whisky distillery with friends about a 2 1/2 hour ride each way from where I was staying. Had a lot of great food and green tea every day.

Meet new friends everywhere and spent some time with my friend Candy Javier Sakai who I meet on Google+. She was nice enough to hangout with me and be my personal tour guide and friend. We had so much fun.

I hope you enjoy this adventure, and thank you for commenting, liking and plus 1ing my posts. It made sharing much more fun knowing you’re watching.

All the best.

– Bruce

BMM Boston Media Makers 10th year Anniversary

31 01 2015

I tried a media marker experiment. I used Snapchat to create a Snapchat story consisting of photos and video clips. Withe permission from The Boston Media Host Stave Garfield I used his meeting roll call video and some photos shared by the group via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms to create this short video.

Today it Boston Media Makers 10th Anniversary and we celebrated it with friends sharing similar interests over breakfast.

If your ever in or live the Boston area, Boston Media Makers meets the first Sunday of every month. We never cancel and the coffee is free.

To learm more about Boston Media Makers please visit

We hope to meet you at a meeting soon.

Have a Snappy New Year

28 12 2014

Where will I be tonight?
Lets have FUN!
Take a selfie with me (The Snapchat Ghost) where ever you are or whatever your doing with whoever your with and share it on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #SnappyNewYear.

Have a safe and very Snappy New Year!

Believe In The Magic

26 12 2014

Believe In The MAGIC of Christmas!


Telling Stories and Meeting People

28 11 2014

Telling stories, meeting people from close and far away places, enjoying the creative process and art, having fun doing things I enjoy. Here is a video collage from some of these moments.

I also enjoy testing new technology and applications (Apps) from time to time. Taking photos and videos has become so easy in recent time that the days of creating and telling stories then sharing them with your family and friends or the world is just a few clicks from many smart phone, tables or a computer.

Here is a short video collage I created, edited and shared from my phone.

Snapchat Artist Emgarber (aka Evan Garber) on Snapchat Talk Show

6 11 2014
 Talkin’ Snap with Radio Host Mark Kaye +The Mark Kaye Show and special guest Emgarber +Evan Garber .
Some of you may know that Evan has been using his art to create amazing Snapcharts. Mark Kaye morning radio show host of interviewed Evan this week. Check them out!
Sharing Is Caring, Please Share.
Full disclosure. Emgarber is my son.


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