Possessing a deep love of photography that was sparked by his dad at a very early age, Bruce spent countless hours in a dark room as a youngster, processing film and developing his craft long before  the art of digital photography came into being.

He now uses that skill to give back to his community. Bruce is one of the founders and creators of `Friends of AHS Track,’an organization and Web site dedicated to High School athletics – He also has a special place in his heart for the Boy Scouts of America, an organization he became involved with in 1991 as a scout leader and has helped many young men on their trail to success.

Bruce has produced TV shows highlighting the great work of the scouting program on doubleacs TV15, a local cable access TV station, where he also works from time to time as a director, producer and member of the sound and camera crew.

Bruce is also producing a new inspirational program called “Through Your Eyes” where he highlights ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Bruce is the co-founder, producer and director of Virtual Photo Walks where people are allowed to be interactive citizens again. Utilizing the Google+ hangout feature and smart phones, people are able to visit and interact with smart phone enabled photographers to see places and people they use to, see things that they might not have had the chance to see.

It is a not just a service for those who are hospitalized or cannot go out into the community, but also for the many who just need a break in their day. It is a way to lend a helping hand by providing a window to places and things most of us take for granted. A truly interactive experience.

Bruce continues to “Highlight Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Thing” with his photography, videos, podcasts and live interactive video and audio streaming using the always changing technology.

Bruce now has a new website base that you can use to navigate to all of my other sites. Please visit brucekgarber.com.

To learn more please visit about.me/bruce.garber


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