Rail Explorers Slide Show

1 08 2021

Great day riding the rails on in a pedal car with friends.
The pedaling was relatively easy over the 6 mile track passing by the Atlantic Seacoast Narragansett Bay, riding over a bridge and seeing some wildlife. Lots of fun!

Rail Explorers

27 07 2021

Take a tour with Rail Explorers and experience the magic of the railroad like never before! Ride the rails on our pedal-powered ‘Rail Explorers’ – a unique activity suitable for everyone.

Check it out for locations near you.
So much FUN!


Through Your Eyes with Silvana Della Camera

3 04 2021

I had the opportunity and privilege to have a conversation with Silvana Della Camera and her award winning photography. Silvana talks about photographing what the eye can’t see. We also took a journey back in time as to when she first picked up a camera and up to what she enjoys now. Including, Astro photography, Shooting the Milky way, Inferred photography and Lighthouses and a lot more. To learn more about Silvana and her photography, please visit https://www.silvanaphoto.com/

Please enjoy!

Through Your Eyes with Tim Behrens

14 02 2021

I had the pleasure to talk with Tim Behrens about how he got started in music and what Sight, Sound and Song means to him. Tim also shared some of his original music and how journaling give’s him focus and calm.

Tim Behrens is a multi-instrumental singer/songwriter and composer. His music encompasses a broad range of styles and formats, from acoustic contemporary folk to orchestral pieces.

To learn more about Tim and his music check out the following sites.





Through Your Eyes with Dan Gyves

14 02 2021

I had the opportunity and privilege to have a conversation with Dan Gyves and his award winning photography. Dan talks about Look At The View and capture the Essence Of A Beautiful Location. We also took a journey back in time as to when he first picked up a camera and up to what he enjoys now. Including, drive by photography. To learn more about Dan and his photography, please visit https://dgyves.zenfolio.com/​ Please enjoy!

Through Your Eyes with Hali Sowle

30 01 2021

Hali started taking pictures with the family camera when she was a small child, beginning a love of photography that never faded. In her college and dental school years she took pictures of friends and events using analog cameras, but took a long hiatus from photography as she began her dental practice. After marrying they started traveling, hiking, and rock climbing. Along with her husband Mike she started taking photographs again, although instead of people her new interests gravitated towards nature and wildlife.

Together Hali and Mike have traveled extensively within the US and overseas. No matter where they go, their vacations always include their cameras.

Hali is a Getty Images photographer, she has been featured in the Italian photography magazine Bianco Nero, and has been in several juried shows. Along with selling her photos to international publications she also contributes her photographs for many charity events.

To learn more about Hali and see her work please visit her web sites listed below.

Mike and Hali’s Excellent Adventures: http://www.hali.org/Vacations

Hali’s Images: https://www.mikeandhali.com/hali

Hali’s Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/ms2thdr/

Through Your Eyes with Bethe King

30 01 2021

I had the opportunity to talk with Bethe King and her love of photography. Specifically creating images with her large format camera and her process in the darkroom.

Through Your Eyes – Invitation

30 01 2021

Through Your Eyes is a show where we highlight photographers and artists to Entertain, Inform, Motivate and Inspire. If you have a story to tell, reach out to me to be considered for the show.

Deep Into The Wild

16 08 2020

Had the opportunity to visit a local conservation area and capture a few fun images. Enjoy!

Blackstone Valley Gorge

16 08 2020

We had the opportunity to visit this peaceful place to enjoy the sights and sounds of the gorge.

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