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26 01 2010
Ron Blau

Hi Bruce,

I came over to your website after seeing you on a Boston Media Makers video (great org, will attend). I’m curious about this website, because I need to improve mine. Is this a free WordPress site, or a paid one? I’m assuming because it’s, not .org, that it’s free–am I right?

I see also that there’s a Freshy 2 WordPress theme available from jidĂ©, which looks good.



17 02 2010


I met you last night in the Newark airport. I hope you made it home safe and not too late of an arrival in Boston. I made it to Pittsburgh around 9:30pm.

I haven’t had a chance to look at your web site yet, but it looks great!

Don’t forget to go onto and check out their site. and CaptainJohns videos. He is up for Filmaker of the year. Let me know what you think of the site. He said he hadn’t heard of the camera you had. I am going to look into getting it.

Talk to you soon.


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