Through Your Eyes with Tim Behrens

14 02 2021

I had the pleasure to talk with Tim Behrens about how he got started in music and what Sight, Sound and Song means to him. Tim also shared some of his original music and how journaling give’s him focus and calm.

Tim Behrens is a multi-instrumental singer/songwriter and composer. His music encompasses a broad range of styles and formats, from acoustic contemporary folk to orchestral pieces.

To learn more about Tim and his music check out the following sites.……


Music, Wigs and Hula Hoops…

18 07 2014

Meet my new friend Nikki Hunt.

We had the opportunity to see Nikki Hunt and her band Nikki Hunt Band perform live last weekend. We were out with a small crew of friends for dinner and drinks at Rick’s Cafe in Naples.

During the summer they have live acts and they are always different.

Well this weekend Nikki Hunt and her band were on the schedule.

All I will tell your here is that we had a lot of fun! The way Nikki mixes Music, wigs and hula hoops is quite entertaining. I would suggest if you have the opportunity to catch her show, you should.

To learn more about Nikki, her band, music and hula hoops check out her on line presents and blog. You can find the links here:

Hope you like the video Nikki. I shot a few clips of your performance and pulled this together.


Nikki Hunt – Music, Wigs and Hula Hoops



Nikki Hunt – Music, Wigs and Hula Hoops



Nikki Hunt and Bruce – Music, Wigs and Hula Hoops


Through Your Eyes – What I’ve Seen with Tim Jones

22 12 2013

Through Your Eyes FULL with Tim Jones_12182013click this photo to listen to the audio clip

Hello, I’m Bruce Garber highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things and this is Through Your Eyes.
I’ve asked my friend Tim Jones what he has seen through his eyes and after some though Tim choose to tell me in a song. Here it is.
You can do the same. Tell me what you have seen through your eyes. It doesn’t have to be in a song like Tim did, but it can be, or it can be as simple as you just telling me your story.
I want to hear your stories. I want to know what you have seen. It can be anything, stories of inspiration or motivation. It can be about the circle of life or a difference you or someone you know has made in some way.
Here’s what you can do. Record a video or audio file. It’s easy sit in front of you video or web camera, even in front of your cell phone camera. Use the audio recording app, most smart phones have and tell me your stories. Keep it to 3 minutes or less. And send it to me in a Facebook or a Google+ message.
You can upload it to YouTube or Sound Cloud or any other platform you use and send me the link. I will gather these stories and share them as part of this new show Through Your Eyes.
By sending me your stories you are giving me permission to use them for broadcast on the show, on air or on line anyplace in the world.
Now think about it. You can tell me your story in a video, or if you’re camera shy record an audio clip.
Use any method you like, we just want to hear and share what you have seen Through Your Eyes.
Thank you for sharing what you have seen, Through Your Eyes.


Spotlight Tonight Karaoke Christmas Special

29 11 2013

Happy Holiday friends. We just finished recording our 2013 Spotlight Tonight Karaoke Christmas Special. I have been producing and directing both karaoke and live music shows for the past fifeteen  years or so. With the help from our stations crew and staff we do our best to “shine a spotlight on the community”. We hope you enjoy these holiday songs. Here’s a few video clips from the show.

From all of us here at Spotlight Tonight wishing you, your families and friends a very happy and safe holiday season.

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Featuring The Villinares

Featuring The Villinares with a second song

Featuring April Jakes

Featuring Anahi Rendon

Featuring Seeley

Featuring Karin Gremo

Featuring Fred the dog. There may have been just a bit more eggnog involved here than expected.

Featuring our host Jack XXL Freeman and an original poem.

Music with Deborah Henson-Conant – Rock Harp Diaries

7 01 2013

Meet my friend Deborah Henson-Conant. She’s a “Dazzling harp player, gorgeous jazz/pop singing, comic timing and impressive songwriting.” from the Austin American-Stateman

“The worlds finest electric harp player” Steve Vai

This GRAMMY Nominated artist rock symphonies & theaters with her music, voice & stories. She’s re-invented the harp. Now she’s on tour with rock legend Steve Vai.

To learn more about Deborah please visit her:

Rebecca Perl & Ryan Van Sickle LIVE from The Living Room in NYC

19 08 2012

LIVE from New York City and the Living Room +Rebecca Pearl and Ryan Van Sickle

I had the opportunity to broadcast LIVE from the Living Room in New York City from a Google+ Hangout On Air platform.

This show went out to the world live on both Google+ and YouTube simultaneously.

I was on location in NYC  producing and engineering the feed . My friend Tom Rolfson was in the studio directing the hangout and sending me information allowing the best audio feed possible.

The event took place from NYC during the Google+ New York City Hangout In Real Life 2 #nychirl2.

Friday, August 10 @9pm
Located at 154 Ludlow Street
(No Tickets Required!)

Please spread the word and share this video to help highlight two of the greatest Google+ Hangout performers.

Broadcasted via a #hangoutsonair and #YouTube by +Bruce Garber and +Tom Rolfson

Link to the Event –

Poster by +Mike Searle

Thank you to every one that made this Google+ Hangout Concert a Big Success!


Google+ NYC Photowalk Contest Images

12 02 2012

Here are the Google Plus NYC Photowalk Contest Images recorded by our friends during the first ever New York City Google+ Hangout In Real Life (#nycHIRL) put to music of +Ryan Van Sickle who also walked the G+ photo walk with us.
This photo walk was organized by Photographer Daniel Enloe.

Great time with so many great artists.

Daria Musk – Google+ Hangout Concert Album L+VE

27 11 2011

Fun to hangout with Daria Musk and her producer RAM Rich last night for her Google+ Hangout Concert Album L+VE.
Here’s the video +1 Me with a special saxophone intro.

Daria Musk LIVE at Google Seattle WA 11/11/11

12 11 2011

Tonight Daria Musk performed a musical concert at the Google office in Seattle Washington. Chee Chew introduced Daria Musk as she performed a one hour long concert to the Google employees. David Bennett along with a room full of our Google friends were their.

Daria Musk started the concert off with her new hit +1 (plus one me) me that she wrote about her and our Google+ experience.

Thank you to Chee Chew and the entire Google+ team for giving us this space to play in. We are having the time of our life and meeting so many very nice people.

Thank you to Taylor Guitars ( Taylor Guitars ) for supplying our friend Daria Musk with the acoustic and electric guitars she played tonight.

And of course a big thank you to our very good friend Daria Musk for taking us with her (as Daria put’s say’s) in her pocket and on her laptop, sharing her experience with us where ever she goes.

This is what live social and now is all about.

We had the opportunity to stream this concert live and record it tonight.

To learn more please visit and

Thank you for watching.

cc: Katherine Gramann

Daria Musk Concert Rehearsal 10-23-2011

23 10 2011

Daria Musk joined us tonight in our hangout for a rehearsal for her up coming concert kinking off tomorrow afternoon in New York.
We wish Daria Musk the very best with her tour.
It’s so nice that she takes along with her where ever she goes and everything she does.
Thank you very much Daria from your G+ fans.

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