Spotlight Tonight Karaoke Christmas Special

29 11 2013

Happy Holiday friends. We just finished recording our 2013 Spotlight Tonight Karaoke Christmas Special. I have been producing and directing both karaoke and live music shows for the past fifeteen  years or so. With the help from our stations crew and staff we do our best to “shine a spotlight on the community”. We hope you enjoy these holiday songs. Here’s a few video clips from the show.

From all of us here at Spotlight Tonight wishing you, your families and friends a very happy and safe holiday season.

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Featuring The Villinares

Featuring The Villinares with a second song

Featuring April Jakes

Featuring Anahi Rendon

Featuring Seeley

Featuring Karin Gremo

Featuring Fred the dog. There may have been just a bit more eggnog involved here than expected.

Featuring our host Jack XXL Freeman and an original poem.



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