Purgatory Chasm

19 10 2014

We had the opportunity to visit this natural resource. We when for the hike hoping to capture some foliage photographs as we are in the Autumn season. And we did. It was a great day in this amazing place. If you do a little research I’m sure no mater where you live you can find some place interesting to enjoy the sights and sounds and even capture a few photographs of your own. Enjoying Life!

Purgatory Chasm is a State Reservation.

A unique natural landmark, Purgatory Chasm runs for a quarter of a mile between granite walls rising as high as 70 feet. Popular with picnickers and rock-climbers alike, the Chasm is believed to have its origin in the sudden release of dammed-up glacial meltwater near the end of the last Ice Age, approximately 14,000 years ago.

Trails lead to a wide variety of rock formations, with romantic names as The Corn Crib, The Coffin, The Pulpit, Lovers’ Leap and Fat Man’s Misery.

The move was created completely using Google+ auto awesome movie maker functions including the music and translations. Also it was composed completely from my Android smart phone and uploaded to YouTube.

To learn more about Purgatory Chasm visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purgatory_Chasm_State_Reservation

Pergatory Chasm

Pergatory Chasm

Pergatory Chasm Trails

Pergatory Chasm Trail Sign

Pergatory Chasm Trail Walk

Pergatory Chasm Trail Walk, 1 Mile Loop.

Pergatory Chasm Trail Trees

Pergatory Chasm Through Trail Trees

Pergatory Chasm Leaves

Pergatory Chasm Leaves On The Trail

Pergatory Chasm Bruce On The Trail

Pergatory Chasm, Bruce On The Trail

Pergatory Chasm Path

Pergatory Chasm Climbing Path

Pergatory Chasm Stone Building

Pergatory Chasm Stone Building

Pergatory Chasm Reflection

Pergatory Chasm Reflection


Through Your Eyes with Marylyn Miners

7 02 2014

Hello, I’m Bruce Garber highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things and this is Through Your Eyes.
I had the opportunity to meet Marylyn Miners today. Marylin has a passion for fitness, music & travel. Faith in magic… She eat’s clean, train mean, live lean…She does what she love’s and love’s what she does. Listen to Marylyn share what she enjoys through her eyes.


click this photo to listen to the audio clip

Italy and Switzerland Visit by Bruce Garber

25 01 2014

Travel to Europe where I slept in Italy and worked in Switzerland and meet friends everywhere in between. Here’s a review of that trip and my meeting with Ugo Cie and Mara Mascaro among other friends.

Through Your Eyes with Martin Tighe at the North Pole

24 12 2013

Through Your Eyes FULL with Martin Tigheclick this photo to listen to the audio clip

Hello, I’m Bruce Garber highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things and this is Through Your Eyes.

Meet my friend Martin Tighe. Martin is a teacher, coach and extreme athlete. In this episode of Through Your Eyes I am highlighting Martin taking a short clip from a documentary we did on him a few years ago. Martin has accomplished many great feats in his life. This is just one of them.
You can do the same. Tell me what you have seen through your eyes.
I want to hear your stories. I want to know what you have seen.
It can be anything, stories of inspiration or motivation.
It can be about the circle of life or a difference you or someone you know has made in some way.
Here’s what you can do.
Record a video or audio file. It’s easy sit in front of you video or web camera, even in front of your cell phone camera. Use the audio recording app, most smart phones have and tell me your stories.
Keep it to 3 minutes or less. And send it to me in a Facebook or a Google+ message. You can upload it to YouTube or Sound Cloud or any other platform you use and send me the link.
I will gather these stories and share them as part of this new show Through Your Eyes.
By sending me your stories you are giving me permission to use them for broadcast on the show, on air or on line anyplace in the world.
Now think about it.
You can tell me your story in a video, or if you’re camera shy record an audio clip. Use any method you like, we just want to hear and share what you have seen Through Your Eyes.
Thank you for sharing what you have seen, Through Your Eyes.

Ashley’s Random Act of Kindness

17 12 2013

Ashley_001click this photo to listen to the audio clip

If you know me you know I like to highlight ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This is one of those stories.
Ashley’s a friend of mine I meet one year ago and had the opportunity to see again this past weekend. We stay friends on the social networks. Sunday Ashley shared by posting an inspiring experience she recently had. I wanted to share it with you in hopes it may also inspire you especially during this holiday season.
This is what Ashley wrote.
I had just finished shoveling out my mom’s driveway – tired and hungry I was heading back home when I saw a little old lady, knee deep in heavy snow at the foot of her driveway, poking holes in the snow with an old broomstick. I pulled over and offered to help.
She told me that had been up since 5 a.m, watching the snow accumulate and periodically stepping outside with her broomstick. “Every year,” she said ” I just poke holes in the snow for the sun to get through and I pray to God that it goes away.”
Using a shovel that she admitted was too heavy for her to carry off her porch, I started shoveling. She followed me, walking in paths that I created for her, telling me all about herself; where she grew up, how she loves to garden, her prayers, a dog that she used to care for…
An hour later we stood at the end of her long, shoveled driveway – her with her broomstick and I with her shovel. She asked if she could give me anything, rambling off ideas she had like tea, cookies or some old gardening books. I kindly asked her to accept it as a gift and wished her a happy holiday. “Well,” she said, as she adjusted her little knit hat, “this is the best Christmas gift that I have ever received.”
Remembering how amazing it feels to give… particularly to those who need it most and sharing this story with hopes that others will too.

Spotlight Tonight Karaoke Christmas Special

29 11 2013

Happy Holiday friends. We just finished recording our 2013 Spotlight Tonight Karaoke Christmas Special. I have been producing and directing both karaoke and live music shows for the past fifeteen  years or so. With the help from our stations crew and staff we do our best to “shine a spotlight on the community”. We hope you enjoy these holiday songs. Here’s a few video clips from the show.

From all of us here at Spotlight Tonight wishing you, your families and friends a very happy and safe holiday season.

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To follow Spotlight Tonight and all of our Karaoke shows please visit http://goo.gl/KLjzAk and feel free to friend us.

Featuring The Villinares

Featuring The Villinares with a second song

Featuring April Jakes

Featuring Anahi Rendon

Featuring Seeley

Featuring Karin Gremo

Featuring Fred the dog. There may have been just a bit more eggnog involved here than expected.

Featuring our host Jack XXL Freeman and an original poem.


30 06 2013

Check out about.me ( http://about.me ) It’s a web location that lets others know about you. Kind of like a landing page. And it’s FREE!
Here’s a profile screen shot I did for myself.

Interesting possibilities.


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