Photography On Your Phone

8 12 2019

As photographers sometimes we’re asked, how did you do that? Where was that picture photographed, what camera did you use? Well here’s the secret. Ready? Everything matters. Non of it matters. It’s all about what you want to do. Do you like what you’re seeing now, right in front of you? Do you want to capture that image? That memory? That moment in time? Whats the best camera to use? Whats the best lens to use? What manual camera setting shall one use to capture exactly what your seeing in front of you? Some may not be a photographer or understand all of that photographer stuff. Or, are we all photographers? With todays technology in our pocket all the time, maybe thats the best camera to use. With all the available apps we also have a studio in our pocket. How do you choose to use it? Maybe, your pocket device, your phone is the best camera to use. Sometimes I shoot and process my images on my phone. Do you? There’s no excuse not to capture that moment in time, capture that memory for yourself, or share it with your friends and family, or share it with the world. Yes, sometimes the best camera to use is the one you have with you. I shoot on my phone!




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