“Taking It to the Streets” presented by Nancy Carbonaro

8 12 2019

“Taking It to the Streets” presented by Nancy Carbonaro. Capturing evocative images of everyday life takes a special skill that goes well beyond the technical aspects of using a camera. Learn about the skills it takes to master photo documentary image making, as we examine the complexity of everyday life in Cuba. Bio: Nancy has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. Her focus is capturing her subjects in the most authentic, natural and respectful light. Her day to day work consists of creating captivating business portraits. Her passion is traveling to third world countries to document the lives of people living on the fringe. Nancy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience around photographing people in all different kinds of life situations. Nancy’s experience includes 12 years of a portrait business. 2 years as president of the Commercial Industrial Photographers of NE, photo documentary projects in: Cuba, Cambodia, Ecuador & Mexico, and, she’s studied with some really cool national and internationally known photographers. We’re looking forward to her talk.




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