Getting Lost In The Creative Process with Ray Guillette

4 01 2020

I had the opportunity to spend time with Ray Guillette to talk about his life in photography. Ray has been involved in photography since childhood. He is an Honorary Life Member of the Stony Brook Camera Club in Franklin, Mass. -Honorary Life Member of The Society of Rhode Island -Honorary Member and Past President of the New England Camera Club Council. The 72nd annual NECCC Conference was dedicated to Ray in 2017. Some of Rays greatest thrills in photography include: ​1. getting lost in the creative process ​2. producing and performing audiovisual shows for 34 years at camera and art clubs, the Portland, Maine and the Newport, R.I. Museums of Art, the New York City Sierra Club, and at ​photography conventions from Maine to Florida, and in Canada. (20 shows at the New England Camera Club Council Conference) -Ray has published an article and images in Popular Photography, February 2007.




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