Moments In Time Over The Years

4 01 2020

Over the years i’ve been many places, made many friends, enjoyed my family. I have told and shared a lot of visual stories. I would like to think I grew with technology using it for work, fun and as a creative outlet. On one occasion I was recording an artist friend of mine and comment to him, I wish I was an artist. His reply stuck with me and think of it often. He said, you are an artist! Photography, video, broadcasting and podcasting is an art form. You are an artist! I never thought of what I do in that way. Maybe I am. What do you think? I enjoy listening to others tell their stories. Everyone has a story to tell. Every story weather written or told in an audio or video format has a beginning middle and end. These images your watching now is only part of my story. It’s only some of the places i’ve been, only some of the friends i’ve made and only some of the stories I told. I’ve had many on line / on air shows including Through Your Eyes, 60 Second Stories, Ordinary People / Extraordinary Things, Go The Distance TV, to name a few. For me these images act as a reminded for me of those moments in time. After all that is what photography is. As it were. A moment in time, a memory, a 500th of a second. I hope you have good memories and many moments in time! ====== Some of my creative friends have sent me drawings of my likeness, have been photoshop creative with my image. All in good fun I would like to think. Thank you for being part of my life. Spending a moment in time with me, and being a friend. Here’s to many more moments of visual story telling, moments in time. Keep being creative! It’s fun!




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