Through Your Eyes with Tim Behrens

14 02 2021

I had the pleasure to talk with Tim Behrens about how he got started in music and what Sight, Sound and Song means to him. Tim also shared some of his original music and how journaling give’s him focus and calm.

Tim Behrens is a multi-instrumental singer/songwriter and composer. His music encompasses a broad range of styles and formats, from acoustic contemporary folk to orchestral pieces.

To learn more about Tim and his music check out the following sites.……


Through Your Eyes with Dan Gyves

14 02 2021

I had the opportunity and privilege to have a conversation with Dan Gyves and his award winning photography. Dan talks about Look At The View and capture the Essence Of A Beautiful Location. We also took a journey back in time as to when he first picked up a camera and up to what he enjoys now. Including, drive by photography. To learn more about Dan and his photography, please visit​ Please enjoy!

Students Go The Distance

8 11 2009

Students Go The Distance See how students inspire a teacher. Martin Tighe was getting a long workout on a treadmill, a seriously long, world record breaking run. 449,486 feet 149, 828 yards 64,800 strides 43,200 seconds run 18,500 treadmill revolutions 8,880 calories burned 720 minutes spent staring at the display 160 ounces sweat evaporated 128 ounces mineral water 100K World Record 7:39:31 75 spectators cheering you on 5OK World Record (7:20 mile pace) 32 ounces of bananas 50Mile World Record 6:06:19 28 ounces- Fig Newton’s 12 hour World Record 85.13 miles 8 minutes 33 seconds average pace 5 fleeting moments of self doubt 4 world records Please visit to see the full video and for more interesting videos of ordinary people doing extra ordinary things… Enjoy!


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