Italy and Switzerland Visit by Bruce Garber

25 01 2014

Travel to Europe where I slept in Italy and worked in Switzerland and meet friends everywhere in between. Here’s a review of that trip and my meeting with Ugo Cie and Mara Mascaro among other friends.

What A Weekend – Emmy Awards Oct. 2013

9 10 2013

WOW, what a weekend. I woke up early Friday morning and headed to the airport with my head filled with a lot of excitement and appreciation. Not all for where I was going and who I was going to meet, but reminiscing and reflecting what we have done over the past 15 or so months.

It’s about our disabled friends, civilians and veterans alike. For some of our friends who are bedridden, wheelchair-bound, or for some that have disabilities that cannot be seen by looking at them, we are very proud to know and to have a part in their lives. For some stuck in the house, or confined to a hospital bed, looking out of the same window day after day can be a challenge.

What we are able to do is to open a window to the world for them, to give them what we thought was a break from their day. What we didn’t realize at that time is that the effects of opening that window was more significant that we originally realized. It’s real! It’s a memory! It’s a few moments in time! It’s an interactive Virtual Photo Walk.

With the help of our volunteer photographers from around the world and the Google+ platform, we are able to open that window and show our veterans their World War II Memorial in Washington DC.


We can show them the changing of the guard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

We can take them aboard and on deck in front of the 9 inch guns on the USS Alabama,

We can take them to see The Pearl Harbor Memorial.

We can even take them back to the beaches of Normandy where they landed over 70 years ago.

Some of our veterans have told us that they have not stopped thinking about that beach, even after all that time, They thanked us for bringing them back to a beautiful place with turquoise water that once was once such a nightmare for each of them with the waters running red onto the beaches. As emotional as visiting this place is to revisit, it was a bittersweet closure for at least some of our friends.

We were able to bring our friends on a Hero Tour of the 911 Memorial in New York City.
We Will Never Forget.

Not all of our virtual photo walks are as emotional as the stories mentioned above.  Sometimes it’s a lot of fun, for instance swimming with turtles in Hawaii.


We also have enjoyed visiting elephants in Africa.

We’ve visited a national park sunset with our photographers as they set up for an amazing shot.

We have fulfilled dreams to visit places previously out of their reach, like iconic landmarks in Rome. Monica told me after this particular photo walk that this was on her bucket list of places to visit.  This was unfortunately impossible otherwise due to her disabilities. It could be life-threatening for her for her to fly. Monica also asked me if I knew what we just did? You took me to Rome she said.

Virtual Photo Walks (VPW) and Veterans United (VU) have been able to do this all online in a “Google+ Hangout” (a live interactive video chat room).  Many of us have never meet in real life, they all agree that this interactive video chat is more real than they could have imagined. Real relationships are made, emotional bonds are created and real friendships are nurtured, right here on Google + with VPW and VU.

This brings me to this past weekend in October 2013. I am very proud to say that the founders, team members and volunteers of Virtual Photo Walks and Veterans United were nominated for an EMMY Award in the category for Community Service.


Thank you to our friend Brenda for transporting and showing us around St. Louis on our first day in town. It was great to meet you in real life.


The weekend started on Friday night with a VIP cocktail party at Robust Wine Bar where John and I meet a few of the other Emmy nominees and people involved with the production.


Hello to this years Emmy Host, Margaret Judson of HBO’s hit show “NEWSROOM”. We had a great time together.


I also had the opportunity to meet Angie Weidinger Mid-America Emmy’s, President, Sponsorship Committee Chair/Executive Finance Committee among many others.


On Saturday John and I meet Sarah Hill in real life.


Here’s a video clip when Sarah and I meet in real life for the first time.

Sarah even taught me Google Glass. I could get use to that!
Thank you Sarah.

We all met in St. Louis in real life for the first time to share not only a dinner together but the experience of recognition for all of this good work.

We are all very proud to give back especially to our veterans in this small way for what they have given to us in a very large way. For making their individual sacrifices, but also by their families.


It would have been nice to win, but we didn’t this time and that’s okay. We will still do what we do for all the right reasons.

Thank you St. Louis and the EMMY Awards. We had a great time.
#Emmymidam #Emmys

If you know of a disable person that you think would benefit from this experience or if you know a veteran or are a veteran yourself or maybe you are a photographer that would like to volunteer some time and bandwidth to take us someplace interesting in the world. Please connect with us by visiting at . Thank you for reading and watching some of our adventures on demand. The world is truly becoming a smaller place.

Photos and video by:

Sarah Hill, Scott Schaefer of Veterans United and their photographers in the field 
Bruce Garber, John Butterill of Virtual Photo Walks and our photographers in the field.

Special Thank you

To everyone that ever helped us open the window to the world for our friends and veterans.
To our friends and Veterans for allowing us to be part of their lives.


Tweet from Google Glass Videos (@glassvideo)

18 06 2013

Google Glass Videos (@glassvideo) tweeted at 10:02 AM on Sat, Jun 15, 2013:
Memorial Tour with @SarahMidMO! #throughglass @bruceKgarber @veteransunited @thephotowalks

Get the official Twitter app at

Twitter  glassvideo Memorial Tour with @SarahMidMO! ... - Google Chrome_2013-06-18_06-03-06




Virtual Photo Walks with Trey Ratcliff, Thomas Hawk and Karen Hutton

13 06 2013

My friend Karen Hutton a photographer attended the Google+ San Francisco Virtual Photo Walk with Trey Ratcliff, Thomas Hawk. Karen took me and some of our friends along. You and see the Virtual Photo walk by clicking the link below.

Bruce Garber with Karen Hutton_05142013_001

From Trey Ratcliff’s PhotoWalk event at with everything, but here’s the skinny!

Watch the SF Virtual Photo Walks Live tonight!

Can’t make the photowalk? Watch it as it happened live with +Karen Hutton and +Virtual Photo Walks™ !! It will be shared live here to my own stream as well.

The Plan: Look, it’s possible security may throw us out of our meeting spot (inside the event at ) right away,–Pk

VPW – Honor Flight WWII Vets & Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 11062012

22 11 2012

Today’s tour was a great success. Veterans got to see the Changing of the Guard at Arlington, the World War II memorial, The Gold Coast and the USS Alabama. Many thanks to our Hangout volunteers: +Jimmy Gardner +Jared Budlong +Chad LaFarge +Michele Spry +John Butterill +Veterans United +Adrienne May +Randy Raw +Virtual Photo Walks™ +Jacob Hess +Michael Tucker +Kenneth Holman +Bruce Garber +Stephen Monaco +Kyle Hess +Barb Brueggemann +Sarah Hill +Veterans United.

If you know of a veteran not able to travel to see their memorial, tell them about Veterans Virtual Tours. Have the veteran apply here or help them fill out an application.

+Virtual Photo Walks™! If you missed it live; you can watch it NOW on demand here.

A special thanks to +John Butterill and +Bruce Garber for helping to organize these virtual photo walks.

To learn more about +Virtual Photo Walks™ please visit where we walk the walk for those who can’t and have a lot of fun in the process.

If you would like to join us on a +Virtual Photo Walks™ or know some one who would please contact us to learn how.

Please feel free to help share places we visit, by sharing this post and video with your circle of family and friends.

Thank you for your help and compassion.

“To Know, To Care, To Act”

Speaking at Google Fiber Event

23 09 2012

I was invited to speak at the Google Fiber event at the Google Office in Kansas City today. The event was organized by my friend Mike Searle and Google.

I had the opportunity share the story of how Mike and I meet and the illustration he did of me.

I also spoke about my involvement as co-founder of Virtual Photo Walks and how we “walk the the walk for those who can’t”.

Rebecca Perl & Ryan Van Sickle LIVE from The Living Room in NYC

19 08 2012

I had the opportunity to broadcast LIVE from the Living Room in New York City from a Google+ Hangout On Air platform.

This show went out to the world live on both Google+ and YouTube simultaneously.

Here I am holding Rebecca Perl’s new EP album.

Here’s the link to the show:

For more interesting posts you can find me on Google+

Rebecca Perl & Ryan Van Sickle LIVE from The Living Room in NYC

19 08 2012

LIVE from New York City and the Living Room +Rebecca Pearl and Ryan Van Sickle

I had the opportunity to broadcast LIVE from the Living Room in New York City from a Google+ Hangout On Air platform.

This show went out to the world live on both Google+ and YouTube simultaneously.

I was on location in NYC  producing and engineering the feed . My friend Tom Rolfson was in the studio directing the hangout and sending me information allowing the best audio feed possible.

The event took place from NYC during the Google+ New York City Hangout In Real Life 2 #nychirl2.

Friday, August 10 @9pm
Located at 154 Ludlow Street
(No Tickets Required!)

Please spread the word and share this video to help highlight two of the greatest Google+ Hangout performers.

Broadcasted via a #hangoutsonair and #YouTube by +Bruce Garber and +Tom Rolfson

Link to the Event –

Poster by +Mike Searle

Thank you to every one that made this Google+ Hangout Concert a Big Success!


First ever Google+ New Your City HIRL (Hangout In Real Life)

12 02 2012

Google+ nycHIRL Feb. 5, 2012

First ever Google+ New Your City HIRL (Hangout In Real Life) took place in February 2012 with 70+ friends that meet in a Google+ hangout from around the word.

We gathered in New York City to celebrate our friendships by hanging out in real life.

Matthew Rappaport and Tiffany Henry organized a weekend that built memories that will last a lifetime.

We meet at the G+ HIRL HQ (head quarters) on Thursday night where there were a lot of hugs and kisses. Matthew went live ON AIR with his show Hangout Conversations with special guest Daria Musk and Ram Rich as a pre-show for the concert.

Friday we had a tour of the Google office with some free time to follow.

Friday night we were entertained by three of the most popular recording artist’s on Google+. Heather Fay, Ryan Van Sickle and Daria Musk. The music filled the room with fun and excitement that one can not explain. You’ll have to experience it for yourself however, we hope that by watching this video you’ll feel a piece of what we did.

Saturday we had a photo walk starting by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, around the city, Ground Zero and ended by Battery Park looking at The Lady, The Statue of Liberty.

And just as fast as it began it ended. The first ever nycHIRL was over. But we did not exit the hangout sad, because we know that all we have to do is log back on and all our friends our close friends will be there.

We hope you enjoy this short video and feel a piece of what we felt.

There are a number of close friend that could not be with us for this event do to various reasons but made a contribution to our experience. I want to highlight one of many. But this man, this illustrator just makes you feel good when your with him in a hangout and I am sure in real life as well. Mike Searle created some artwork as a way to help us promote the event. Thank you Mike. Your work is great and very much appreciated my friend.

Thank you to Ron Jackson for capturing a video via live smart phone live hangout as we visited the Google office. A memory we would not have with out you doing this.

There are so many other friend to many to thank here, but we all know who you are. We hope to meet you in real life sometime very soon as well. And we all thank you for what you do every day.

Please feel free to share this post and video as a way to let others know that Google+ is here to stay. It’s the fastest growing social media network in the word that has so much power and potential you have to experience it for yourself to understand.

So log on, and lets hangout!


Google+ NYC Photowalk Contest Images

12 02 2012

Here are the Google Plus NYC Photowalk Contest Images recorded by our friends during the first ever New York City Google+ Hangout In Real Life (#nycHIRL) put to music of +Ryan Van Sickle who also walked the G+ photo walk with us.
This photo walk was organized by Photographer Daniel Enloe.

Great time with so many great artists.

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