A Day In Newport RI

13 09 2014

We enjoy taking day trip visiting different New England towns and the surrounding area. On this day we took a trip to Newport Rhode Island. A short drive from Boston. We took a stroll along the Cliff Walk as the tide was coming in. This always makes for exciting and interesting photos. You can see some of the mansions along the way and interesting architecture. From there we visited one of the harbors when we noticed a large ship. At first it look like it a moored just off shore however it was actually moving and coming into dock. Come to find out as we spoke with the crew this ship was a training ship that people can sign up for the summer months. It was not the ship they usually use as it was in for restoration so the captain had to rent this one for the season. From her we went down town Newport for dinner over looking the harbor. It was a great night as the sun set over the harbor and the dinner was great. Here are a few photos we took during the day. Please enjoy them.

Sun Set Dinner Newport RI

Sun Set Dinner Newport RI

Splash from the Cliff Walk Newport RI

Splash from the Cliff Walk Newport RI

Salver Regina University Newport RI

Salver Regina University Newport RI

Salver Regina University and Gazabo Newport RI

Salver Regina University and Gazebo Newport RI

On the Cliff Walk Newport RI

On the Cliff Walk Newport RI

Splash from the Cliff Walk Newport RI

Splash from the Cliff Walk Newport RI

Neport RI Harbor

Neport RI Harbor

Traing Ship Newport RI

Training Ship Newport RI

Aquidneck Lobster Newport RI

Aquidneck Lobster Newport RI


A Day In Boston

13 09 2014

We spent a day on Labor Day weekend in Boston. Starting out at Christopher Columbus Park where art was being displayed, music being played and art demonstration including glass blowing. We walks around taking in all of the sights and sounds before heading over the the North End where we were parting in the streets. Had to stop by the world famous Regina Pizzeria for a slice and then over to Mikes Pastry for a connoli and even purchased some to take home. Took a walk throught Paul revere Park with the Old North Church in the background. All in all it was a great day filled with the sights, sounds, memories and smells of great food in the streets of Boston. Please enjoy some photos we took of the day.

Glsaa Blowing Boston

Glass Blowing Boston

Back Strees of Boston

Back Streets of Boston

Rigina Pizzera Boston

World Famous Regina Pizzeria Boston North End

Banana On A Stick

Banana On A Stick North End Boston

Cannoli Boston

Cannoli North End Boston

North End Boston

Party In The Street North End Boston

Paul Revere Park Boston

Paul Revere Park and The Old North Church in tha background North End Boston

Hand Tavern Boston

Hand Tavern Boston

ye olde Union Oyster House Boston

ye olde Union Oyster House Boston

Street Art

25 06 2014

There was a downtown festival were I had the opportunity to watch and enjoy these artists. Remember when you were young and drew all kinds of things on the sidewalk with chalk to only watch the rain wash it away? Well these people are taking drawing on the sidewalk to a different level. Here’s part of that day I preserved in photos.


Street Art Montage – note, the baseball player statue is a real person.




The artist and her art.





The artist and his art





The artist and her art





Photo Collage Makers

19 10 2013

I’ve been trying to find a collage maker that will do it all like editing your photo’s making the collage and overlaying text. I found and like this one by Pixlr. Easy and fun to use and there’s an app for it. Try it, you may like it.

Photos were taken by me during a summer street festival. Sidewalk artist unknown.


Sand and Water – National Sand Sculpting Festival with Bruce Garber

21 07 2013

National Sand Sculpting Festival
Revere Beach, July 19 – 21, 2013

Revere Beach is located six miles north of downtown Boston.

In 2004, the first New England Sand Sculpting Festival was held. The annual contest soon offered cash prizes, which attracted famous sculptors from all over the world. This year’s tournament is taking place from Friday July 19th to Sunday July 21st 2013, near the bandstand on Revere Beach Boulevard.

The artists adhere to strict rules during the contest. Each sculptor is given 10 tons of sand and are assigned an 18′ x 18′ square exhibit area. Work by the artists is limited to 24 hours in total length, which is spread out over several days. Forms for molding components are allowed and must be removed prior to the artworks being rated by the judges. The sand sculptures are evaluated using four categories: (1) degree of difficulty, (2) originality and creativity, (3) quality of sculpting, and (4) overall visual impact. Thousands of dollars in prize money are offered each year, which garners some of the best artists in the nation to the festival. The New England Sand Sculpting event draws a lot of people to Revere Beach, and has increased the appeal of visiting this local attraction.

To learn more please visit there web site:

The live streamed video broadcast was not the best video quality do to signal strength and bandwidth from this location however, it’s a great example of the work we’re doing to “walk the walk for those who can’t” via http://virtualphotowalks.org . We take people with disabilities to different locations around the world with the help from our generous photographer friends and enabled smartphones. Today it was my pleasure to take a few friends to the beach to see these wonderful sand sculptures.

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VPW – Honor Flight WWII Vets & Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 11062012

22 11 2012

Today’s tour was a great success. Veterans got to see the Changing of the Guard at Arlington, the World War II memorial, The Gold Coast and the USS Alabama. Many thanks to our Hangout volunteers: +Jimmy Gardner +Jared Budlong +Chad LaFarge +Michele Spry +John Butterill +Veterans United +Adrienne May +Randy Raw +Virtual Photo Walks™ +Jacob Hess +Michael Tucker +Kenneth Holman +Bruce Garber +Stephen Monaco +Kyle Hess +Barb Brueggemann +Sarah Hill +Veterans United.

If you know of a veteran not able to travel to see their memorial, tell them about Veterans Virtual Tours. Have the veteran apply here or help them fill out an application. http://www.virtualphotowalks.org

+Virtual Photo Walks™! If you missed it live; you can watch it NOW on demand here.

A special thanks to +John Butterill and +Bruce Garber for helping to organize these virtual photo walks.

To learn more about +Virtual Photo Walks™ please visithttp://VirtualPhotoWalks.com where we walk the walk for those who can’t and have a lot of fun in the process.

If you would like to join us on a +Virtual Photo Walks™ or know some one who would please contact us http://VirtualPhotoWalks.com to learn how.

Please feel free to help share places we visit, by sharing this post and video with your circle of family and friends.

Thank you for your help and compassion.

“To Know, To Care, To Act”

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