Street Art

25 06 2014

There was a downtown festival were I had the opportunity to watch and enjoy these artists. Remember when you were young and drew all kinds of things on the sidewalk with chalk to only watch the rain wash it away? Well these people are taking drawing on the sidewalk to a different level. Here’s part of that day I preserved in photos.


Street Art Montage – note, the baseball player statue is a real person.




The artist and her art.





The artist and his art





The artist and her art





Photo Collage Makers

19 10 2013

I’ve been trying to find a collage maker that will do it all like editing your photo’s making the collage and overlaying text. I found and like this one by Pixlr. Easy and fun to use and there’s an app for it. Try it, you may like it.

Photos were taken by me during a summer street festival. Sidewalk artist unknown.


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