A Day In Boston

13 09 2014

We spent a day on Labor Day weekend in Boston. Starting out at Christopher Columbus Park where art was being displayed, music being played and art demonstration including glass blowing. We walks around taking in all of the sights and sounds before heading over the the North End where we were parting in the streets. Had to stop by the world famous Regina Pizzeria for a slice and then over to Mikes Pastry for a connoli and even purchased some to take home. Took a walk throught Paul revere Park with the Old North Church in the background. All in all it was a great day filled with the sights, sounds, memories and smells of great food in the streets of Boston. Please enjoy some photos we took of the day.

Glsaa Blowing Boston

Glass Blowing Boston

Back Strees of Boston

Back Streets of Boston

Rigina Pizzera Boston

World Famous Regina Pizzeria Boston North End

Banana On A Stick

Banana On A Stick North End Boston

Cannoli Boston

Cannoli North End Boston

North End Boston

Party In The Street North End Boston

Paul Revere Park Boston

Paul Revere Park and The Old North Church in tha background North End Boston

Hand Tavern Boston

Hand Tavern Boston

ye olde Union Oyster House Boston

ye olde Union Oyster House Boston




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