A Day In Newport RI

13 09 2014

We enjoy taking day trip visiting different New England towns and the surrounding area. On this day we took a trip to Newport Rhode Island. A short drive from Boston. We took a stroll along the Cliff Walk as the tide was coming in. This always makes for exciting and interesting photos. You can see some of the mansions along the way and interesting architecture. From there we visited one of the harbors when we noticed a large ship. At first it look like it a moored just off shore however it was actually moving and coming into dock. Come to find out as we spoke with the crew this ship was a training ship that people can sign up for the summer months. It was not the ship they usually use as it was in for restoration so the captain had to rent this one for the season. From her we went down town Newport for dinner over looking the harbor. It was a great night as the sun set over the harbor and the dinner was great. Here are a few photos we took during the day. Please enjoy them.

Sun Set Dinner Newport RI

Sun Set Dinner Newport RI

Splash from the Cliff Walk Newport RI

Splash from the Cliff Walk Newport RI

Salver Regina University Newport RI

Salver Regina University Newport RI

Salver Regina University and Gazabo Newport RI

Salver Regina University and Gazebo Newport RI

On the Cliff Walk Newport RI

On the Cliff Walk Newport RI

Splash from the Cliff Walk Newport RI

Splash from the Cliff Walk Newport RI

Neport RI Harbor

Neport RI Harbor

Traing Ship Newport RI

Training Ship Newport RI

Aquidneck Lobster Newport RI

Aquidneck Lobster Newport RI


A Day On Cape Cod

17 08 2014

We had the opportunity to spend a day on Cape Cod. It was a very clear day. Not a cloud in the sky. We stopped of for lunch for a lobster roll as we drove down route 6 and had a nice conversation with the waitress. She recommend a number of great locations in the area we could take some photographs and I do believe we visited them all. Including a number of Cape Cod Light Houses we we even climbed the stairs to the top of one of them. We stumbled on Uncle Tim’s Bridge and Island that was surrounded by a salt marsh at low tide we we could see baby crabs running about and into their sand holes they must call home. We walked along the beach at low tide and saw a boat stuck in the sand at low tide standing upright only by its keel. Never saw that before and my shoes got wet getting that photo. And an other boat with anchor attached both just sitting on the sand. but made for a nice photo. All in all it was a great day as we ended up on the tip of the cape driving by all of the sand dunes, through Wellfleet on to Provincetown were we had dinned over looking the harbor. After we walked around down town Provincetown we headed home. Below are a few photos we took during our day on the Cape. We hope you enjoy them.

Walk to the Light House

Walking to the light house

Light House_003

Light House Cape Cod_001

Light House_002  Light House_004

Light House 3 sisters

These light houses are knows as the three sisters.

Light House Steps Looking Up

Looking up the stair case to the top of the light house.


Inside the Cape Cod light house with a 360 degree view. Amazing.

Old wood_001

Salt marsh at low tide we we could see baby crabs running about and into their sand holes

Uncle Tims Bridge_002

Uncle Tim’s Bridge

Thru Uncle Tims Bridge

Looking through Uncle Tim’s Bridge

Sand fence_001 B&W

On the sand dunes.

sail boat and anchor

Boat and anchor at low tide.

sail boat in the mud

Boat stuck in the sand at low tide

Sand Duns and a Fence_001

On the sand dunes.

what a view_001

A view from inside the light house

wood and chain_001

Old drift wood and chain

boats, bridge and salt marsh

Low tide with Uncle Tim’s Bridge in the distance.

Salt Marsh and Crabs





A Day With Ugo

30 07 2013

Hi friends,

If you like photography you may like this day I want to share with you.

Let me introduce you to my friend Ugo from Itily.

Ugo is a photographer and was visiting Boston. He had a few extra days and wanted to photograph the sea coast of Maine.

We had the opportunity to connect with Ugo where we spent all day together, Ugo, my wife and I.

We met up at a predetermend location, right off Interstate highway 95. We shook hands said our hellos and came up with a plan for the day, that by the way had some twists and turnes.

Ugo followed us to Kennybunkport in his rented car. It was one of his researched destinations.

We left his car in parking lot then we rode together all day. But before we got started it was low tide, and a view just off to the side of where we left his car.

This was our first photo opportunity.
We took lots of photos, and its also where I was able to capture Ugo at work.

We took a walk through the town of Kenneybunport captured photos where ever we looked.

Kennybunkport is a town in York County, Maine, United States.

The town center, the area in and around Dock Square, is located along the Kennebunk River, approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) from the mouth of the river on the Atlantic Ocean. Historically, a shipbuilding and fishing village, for well over a century the town has been a popular summer colony and seaside tourist destination. Kennebunkport has a reputation as a summer haven for the upper class and is one of the wealthiest communities in the state of Maine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kennebunkport,_Maine

After a short while it was getting close to lunch time, and what else would one eat when in maine? Correct, Lobster! We at the Clam Shack just over the bridge in Kenneybunkport. In the summer of 2010, the Shack faced off in a heated contest over the best lobster roll in Kennebunkport for the Travel Channel’s “Food Wars” program. Their famous lobster roll won! The Clam Shack has also been featured in a many magazines and on Television. You can see more about them on their web site http://www.theclamshack.net/ .

We then got back in my car and drove up Atlantic Coast stopping from time to time when we came accross an interesting spot.

We found a small fishing port where we saw and spoke with one of the local lobstermen bringing in his catch for the day. He even held up one of the lobsters for us from his catch.

From there we stopped of at thunder hole. A spot where the tide bangs into the rocks making a thoundrous sound and shoots a spray of sea water into the air.

Just across the way from Thunder hole is President Bush’s summer home. What a view.

Just a bit further up the road and on the west facing side of the street the was an interesting water way with tall grass and plant life. An other photo op.

Even got an other picture of Ugo shooting nature through the weeds.

We got back into the car and headed another 30 minutes north to The Pier at Old Orchard Beach. The beach was full as the tide was craching a shore. We even took a stroll down the bordwalk along with all the other visitors to the beach.

Next stop, Portland Head Light. We drove a bit more north to get to this destination, But what a view. We were able to shoot from both sides of the lighthouse.
From the hight points the tourest photo spots as well as from the rocky beach. You had to climb the rocks to get there. But so worth it.

A friend once told me if your not in the shot you were never there.

A bit of trivia. George Washington commissioned this lighthouse in 1790.

Also, Henery Wadsworth Longfellow often walked from Portland to visit this lighthouse where it’s believed he was inspired for his poem “The Lighthouse”.

We had to have a little fun as we stood in the doorway of the whistle house.

It has been a full day already, but we were not done yet.

We drove back to Kenneybunkport to get Ugo rental car.

He followed us back to Ogunquit Maine where he was to spend the night. We checked him into the hotel and left our cars one more time. We took the short walk into Perkins Cove where we were able to capture a few more photographs as the sun was setting on an overcast cloudy night. However, there was a few breaks in the clouds where we had a red sky for a few moments and some reflestions on the water.

From here it was a long day and we needed some food. We stopped into one of the resterants in Perkins Cove where friends shared a seafood meal and a bottle of wine.

We walked Ugo back to his hotel. Said our good nights. It was hard to leave such a good friend after such an amazing day. We hope there will be other opportunities to connect again very soon.

In the morning before Ugo was to fly home he wanted to try to capture an other light house at sunrise.

He told me that he had an early wake up call set for 4:15AM to drive to Cape Neddick, ME, to shoot Nubble Light at sunrise. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast, but after a while it started clearing a bit in the East, raising hopes of getting an amazing sunrise.

Suddenly, beams of sunlight peeked out from under the clouds. They lasted for about 30 seconds, then the clouds closed for good and the sun was gone for the rest of the day.

Luckily, he was ready to press the shutter at the right moment.

Happy Ugo got his shot.

by: Bruce Garber

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