Boston Marathon 04182016

8 05 2016

Today we into Boston to watch the Boston Marathon. We had a great spot as the runners approached the final turn onto Boylston Street and head to the finish line.

The weather was sunny with temperature in the 60 deg. F range.
Spectators were 4 to 5 deep on the sidewalks in some areas.
To pull off an event like Boston does it takes a lot of planning and a great team. Nice job Boston!

Today’s marathon was the 120th running and 50 years for the women.

The spectators go very loud as the first wheel chair athletes rounded to corner and the volume of chairs continued to grow as the runner approached.
We saw some great support of encouragement from some runners as others were having a difficult time. There was what looked like a team of 3 men (or 3 friends) that must have run the first 26 miles together. As they approached the final 0.2 tenths of a mile and before the turned that famous corner to the finish. They all shook hands and pats on the back, and then one of these men turned up the heat as he found his final kick to the finish. Must have been good friend. There were many acts of kindness along the 26.2 miles. I’m sure of it.

Great work by all of the runners today at every level. As well as to the Boston Marathon teams of volunteer that helped to make this a successful event. I am very proud to say I’m from Boston.

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Sand and Water – National Sand Sculpting Festival with Bruce Garber

21 07 2013

National Sand Sculpting Festival
Revere Beach, July 19 – 21, 2013

Revere Beach is located six miles north of downtown Boston.

In 2004, the first New England Sand Sculpting Festival was held. The annual contest soon offered cash prizes, which attracted famous sculptors from all over the world. This year’s tournament is taking place from Friday July 19th to Sunday July 21st 2013, near the bandstand on Revere Beach Boulevard.

The artists adhere to strict rules during the contest. Each sculptor is given 10 tons of sand and are assigned an 18′ x 18′ square exhibit area. Work by the artists is limited to 24 hours in total length, which is spread out over several days. Forms for molding components are allowed and must be removed prior to the artworks being rated by the judges. The sand sculptures are evaluated using four categories: (1) degree of difficulty, (2) originality and creativity, (3) quality of sculpting, and (4) overall visual impact. Thousands of dollars in prize money are offered each year, which garners some of the best artists in the nation to the festival. The New England Sand Sculpting event draws a lot of people to Revere Beach, and has increased the appeal of visiting this local attraction.

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The live streamed video broadcast was not the best video quality do to signal strength and bandwidth from this location however, it’s a great example of the work we’re doing to “walk the walk for those who can’t” via . We take people with disabilities to different locations around the world with the help from our generous photographer friends and enabled smartphones. Today it was my pleasure to take a few friends to the beach to see these wonderful sand sculptures.

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