So You Want To Make A Video

3 06 2010

Important points on how to make an effective video.

1.) Start with a simple camera:
• Flip video or Kodak Zi8 Video are two great choices
• Make sure the camera allows for easy downloads.

2.) Shorter video is better:
• Viewers have short attention spans, don’t squeeze too many messages into one video.
• 90 seconds to two minutes is best for the Web.

3.) Hold still:
• Use a floor or table tripod.
• Grip the video camera with both hands and use your body as the tripod.
• Keep a stable shot for at least 5 to 10 seconds prior to the actual usable footage.

4.) Lighting:
• Turn on all the light in the room.
• Never shoot someone whose back is to the sun.
• Better lighting, better video.

5.) Audio:
• Know where you microphone is.
• Have your subjects speak loudly and clearly.
• If you’re narrating a video, be close to the microphone so your voice is crisp and clear.
• Avoid background noise.

6.) Content:
• It’s about the content!
• What’s your important message?
• Tell stories that give your audience the information their searching for.

7.) Ideas for video:
• Highlight what your best customers are passionate about.
• Show how you are you using continuous improvement.
• Tell us about new products have you successfully released.
• Use video to train your employees. Saves time and is consistent.




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