New Hampshire Media Makers July 11, 2010

11 07 2010

Took a road trip today to New Hampshire Media Makers. Meet John Herman and others. Met many great new people and had a lot of fun! Hope to see you all again very soon.



3 responses

12 07 2010
Barb O'Connell

Nice to meet you today at NHMM! Glad to hear that you also work in the corporate world as I do and that you have the opportunity to create videos for them! I would love to talk to you more about it sometime.

12 07 2010

Thank you Barb, It was nice to also meet you and all of the New Hampshire Media Makers Yesterday.

19 07 2010
Tracy Lee Carroll

Sorry I wasn’t able to make it. I hope you had a good time. Great work on the video!

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