WordCamp Boston

20 07 2011


What to bring to WordCamp:

Have you ever been to a wordcamp, podcamp, pubcamp, tweet-up, conference, un-conference or other social media event? Then you know what to do however, if you’re new to these types of events here is a short list to as a reminder to help you be prepared. Please add to this list to fit your style and needs.

  • Comfortable clothes.
  • Laptop Computer.
  • Camera.
  • Video Camera.
  • Smart Phone.
  • Audio Recorder.
  • Other recording devices.
  • A way to take notes: Perhaps this is your laptop or a note book. Or go old school and bring a pen.
  • Charging cords, power supplies and extra batteries.
  • Easy way to make friends, bring a power strip and share some electric juice.
  • Bring a backpack or some easy way to carry your and organize you gear.
  • Business cards: You’re probably going to be meeting some interesting new people. Make it easy for them to keep in touch.
  • Copy of the event agenda and other reference information.
  • Are you into social media, Tweet, Post to Facebook and Google+. Blog about the event, It’s fun to share information and a way to take short notes.
  • For Twitter don’t forget to use the event hash tag. If you don’t know what the hash tag is, ask someone at the event.
  • You may want to bring some Tylenol just in case.
  • Stay hydrated and take care of yourself.
  • Bring a smile, good attitude and be ready to have FUN!

What to do the night before the event:

  • Charge all you batteries.
  • Get a good nights rest. There will be a lot of very interesting content being shared be ready to learn and share.
  • Are you presenting: Make sure you have all of your materials ready.

 If you have other ideas please add to this list.




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