July 4th 2012 – Old Iron Sides

19 08 2012

1812 Celebration Old Iron Sides, Tall Ships & The Blue Angels in Boston

I went to Boston to watch and take you with me to see the USS Constitution (Old Iron Sides) Turnaround & Blue Angels Fly-Over in Boston harbor on the 4th of July.

Today we had a spectacular, once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the great Boston
tradition of the annual USS Constitution Turnaround, with the addition of an accompanying US Coast Guard Barque, EAGLE, and a salute from the Navy Blue Angels Flight Team.

Not only will the Blue Angels provide their spectacular air show, but up to 50 additional
aircraft will perform fly-over salutes, as well.

This may end up being the highlight of the entire week.

The USS Constitution made its reputation during the War of 1812 and played an important part in that conflict.

In addition Tall Ships from around the world were in port for viewing.

Thank you for watching and sharing.




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