Through Your Eyes with William (Bill) Donovan

22 12 2013

Through Your Eyes with William (Bill) Donovan

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Hello, I’m Bruce Garber highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things and this is Through Your Eyes.
Meet William (Bill) Donovan has had a relationship with the sea for more than 45 years. As retired lobsterman Bill is doing his part to keep the tradition alive by using his craftsmanship skills by making “Old Fashioned Hand-Made Wooden Lobster Bouys and Traps”. We hope you enjoy Bill stories of tradition of days past through his eyes.
You can do the same. Tell me what you have seen through your eyes. I want to hear your stories. I want to know what you have seen. It can be anything, stories of inspiration or motivation. It can be about the circle of life or a difference you or someone you know has made in some way.
Here’s what you can do. Record a video or audio file. It’s easy sit in front of you video or web camera, even in front of your cell phone camera. Use the audio recording app, most smart phones have and tell me your stories. Keep it to 3 minutes or less. And send it to me in a Facebook or a Google+ message. You can upload it to YouTube or Sound Cloud or any other platform you use and send me the link. I will gather these stories and share them as part of this new show Through Your Eyes.
By sending me your stories you are giving me permission to use them for broadcast on the show, on air or on line anyplace in the world.
Now think about it. You can tell me your story in a video, or if you’re camera shy record an audio clip. Use any method you like, we just want to hear and share what you have seen Through Your Eyes.
Thank you for sharing what you have seen, Through Your Eyes.





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