Tokyo Japan Cherry Blossoms Sky Treetower and More

12 04 2015

I had the opportunity to visit Japan and created some Snapchat stories along the way. If you missed them you can watch the highlights here.

We visited the Cherry Blossoms as they were just on the other side of peak and got some interesting photos. We visited The Skytree Tower, Central Tokyo for an interesting photo walk, a Samurai village, visited some friends including one of Japans most famous wood craftsman for carving wood hawks or eagles, I also visited a whisky distillery with friends about a 2 1/2 hour ride each way from where I was staying. Had a lot of great food and green tea every day.

Meet new friends everywhere and spent some time with my friend Candy Javier Sakai who I meet on Google+. She was nice enough to hangout with me and be my personal tour guide and friend. We had so much fun.

I hope you enjoy this adventure, and thank you for commenting, liking and plus 1ing my posts. It made sharing much more fun knowing you’re watching.

All the best.

– Bruce





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