Uesuge Shrine and Samurai Village Yonezawa Yamagata Japan

26 10 2015

Morning walk as the sun rose over Uesugi Shrine and Samurai Village from a place I have been visiting for many years. It a place of the Uesugi Shrine, Japanese gardens and history together with a center for visual arts.

In February the community holds The festival of lights from this place where 300 snow lanterns are made and over 3000 candles light the way. Local vendors set up with hot food and my favorite is the local traditional precision drum band that plays every hour.

On this early morning visit I woke up early to watch the sun rise over the shrine. I also want to to a LIVE broadcast using the Periscope app. The live broadcast went well with many friends and family tuning in to watch. However, using the internet connection and a sim card I purchased in Japan was not the greatest from live video broadcasting. Hens, the quality of the video is not the greatest in this case. Lesson learned.

This was a great morning to do this walk as it was a sunny day. Over the next few days I wanted to do the walk again and only record the video however, the balance of the week the weather was not the best.

I hope you enjoy my morning walk through the Uesugi Shrine and Samurai Village.

Thank you for watching.

– Bruce




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