Blab Making Sense Of Social Media (Teach Bonnie Snapchat!)

3 04 2016

01102016_61A Blab

click here to listen to the podcast…

Today Bonnie L. Frank invited me onto her Blab show where we spoke about “Making Sense Of Social Media” (Teach Bonnie Snapchat!) .

Bonnie chose to take the plunge and join Snapchat and actually posted her first snap live on the show. I was happy to lend my knowledge to help Bonnie and the others in the room to get started with the Snapchat platform. I hope I helped.

With Bonnie’s permission to re-purpose part of the show, this is a short outtake. I hope it helps.

To learn more about Bonnie and what she does, please follow her on Snapchat, Twitter, Blab and all of her social networks @bonnielfrank You can also visit her website for additional information at





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