Phantom Gourmet Food Fest Dance Off 09242016 short

12 10 2016

Today we had the opportunity to attend the 16th annual Phantom Gourmet Food Fest held on Lansdowne and Ipswich Street next to Fenway Park.

It was a sold out event with upwards of ten thousand people and 100 food vendors to sample.

There were many parties you can choose from held in many of the local bars in the area.

We chose to attend the World Famous Purple Costume and Dance Contest at Tequila Rain hosted by Dan Andelman who is also the host of the Phantom Gourmet TV show.

It was a lot of fun with some funny and very good local dancers. Even the audience was invited to get onto the dance floor to get their moves on.

This video is in part some of the fun from this event.
It was originally broadcasted on my Facebook live page.
Hope you enjoy some of the fun.

To learn more about the Phantom Gormet and other scheduled events please visit:




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