Go The Distance Goes to Japan

15 01 2017

Hello friends,
I enjoy telling stories through media including photographs, pre-recorded video, streaming live on many different platforms.

In this post I would like to share a video I thought was lost, but found it this morning.

It’s a video I produced of one of my first trips to Japan. It was not easy as I was traveling, dragging my luggage behind me with one hand and trying to document this adventure with a camera in my other hand. As many of you that may have traveled to far away locations, you understand this was 26 hour door to door trip. Two cars, two planes and two trains. Yes I know Planes, Trains and Automobiles. hahaha!

By the time I landed it was an effort to put two words together, but I worked myself through it. Some once told me when you’re in the moment just do it, you may not have the same opportunity again. So I did just that.

The video’s in this series are called Go The Distance.

Go The Distance Goes to Japan.

This episode of Go The Distance TV we will visits Japan. Will will highlight my adventure of travel to this country. Please enjoy the culture, people, customs and food.

ps: This is a video recorded a number of years ago (maybe 2009) and thought I lost it. It’s one of my first trips to this country. I just found the video this morning and wanted to save and share it on my channel.

I hope you enjoy the show!





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