Boston Instagram Photo Walk

22 04 2017

Hello friends, today I went on a photo-walk thru Boston.
My friend Al known as @bklynborn81 came in from NYC as a guest speaker.
I was great fun to catch up with Al.
We meet for lunch took a few photos down by the water front before heading back to his hotel
to meet Siley.

From there we embarked on a photo walk through the streets of Beacon Hill
to shoot the beautiful sights of a historic Boston neighborhood
and take a few portraits of each other.

The walk concluded across the Longfellow Bridge for sunset shots over the Charles River.
and just as we were talking about not getting that sunset due to the all day weather
the clouds started to open up to let the beautiful red sunset sky come through as the
sunset over Boston.

A few of us ended up at Cheers for dinner, you know that place
“Where Everyone Knows Your Name.

It was a great day to enhance our photography skills,
take beautiful pictures with some of Boston’s most talented photographers and to meet some new friends. Well done to the group.

And to end it all my friends Al was dancing with the sky, the sunset over Boston.




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