Borderland State Park

23 01 2019

A day at Borderland Stat Park with friends from our Camera Club. It’s a club tradition to gather and to enjoy each others company and even make a few photographs.

It was a very cold day as I arrived early. I meet Bud as he was strolling down the trail and helped start a fire in the lodge fireplace. A few other members arrived and the fun began. Vicki had a cart loaded with supplies that was laid out on the picnic table.

Other people hiking the area saw the smoke coming from the lodge chimney and stopped in to get out of the cold for a few moments and to their surprise we invited them to find a stick to toast a marshmallow on our fire and add a cracker and chocolate for a s’more.

We talked with them about the club, they thanked us and commented “how fun” and continued on their way.

A fun day with s’mores on an open fire and friends in the lodge.

A big thank you to Vicki, Bud and other club members that pulled this outing together.

Fun had by all!




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