Debra Boucher Bugs, Birds and Bouquets

4 04 2020

Did you know there’s a whole different kind of world out there? Well, there is, right in you own backyard. If you have ever seen Debra Boucher photographs you know exactly what I mean. Debra enjoys photographing that small world of insects and bug. If you were to crawl around in your yard you’ll be very surprised what you may find. Close up photography and discovering insects and how colorful they are and how they move or pose for the camera is fascinating. The majority of her insect images you see have been taken handheld. Can you believe that? Here’s another secret. Do not just look down as you crawl around but look up into the sky, trees and bushes. Where birds fly and nest. There is always something to photograph. And when you just can not find any wildlife to photograph Debra enjoys flowers. Look into the wetlands near your home or just about anywhere. Be creative and capture what interests you. Debra also loves sitting at the computer for hours, creating fine art with her images seeing where the art takes her. It’s all about the journey and the end resulting image may supersize you. Debra has worked as a photojournalist for a local newspaper and is a volunteer photographer for the an other agency, photographing the historical places located in the corridor. Join us for Debra’s presentation on Bugs, Birds and Bouquets, Backyard Photography!




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