Kimberly McHale

3 09 2016

I had the opportunity to visit with my friend Kimberly McHale and attend her concert at Venda Ravioli in Providence, RI. This is a great summertime outside venue to enjoy the sounds of The Night Life Orchestra with Kimberly McHale as they perform at DePasquale Plaze on Federal Hill as you enjoy a great meal at Venda Ravioli. You’re invited to dance and enjoy the Jazz / Big Band Swing / Big Band Swing Orchestra.
It was a great night to visit with Kim and meet some of the members from the band.

To learn more and hear her music visit:…

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Rockin’ and Roastin’

3 09 2016

Rockin’ and Roastin’ Cafe, Coffee owned Joey Kramer, Aerosmith Drummer. Very cool and refreshing. Music to your lips!

This video was recorded on Snapchat, edited, posted to YouTube and shared on other platforms from my phone. Learning new ways to get stuff done!

The Boston Piano Kid, Bradley Bartlett-Roche

3 09 2016

Tonight we had the opportunity to see Bradley Bartlett-Roche, also known as the “Boston Piano Kid”,.

Bradley is 13 years old musician that performed on stage with Billy Joel Thursday night August 18, 2016 at Fenway Park and tonight in front of hundreds of people. The Boston Piano Kid performed at Faneuil Hall in Boston an outside venue. If you ever get the opportunity to attend one of Bradley’s concerts you should, as he will entertain you with his piano, singing and saxophone tunes that you will remember and get your toe tapping.

To learn more about The Boston Piano Kid just search him. He’s all over social media.

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K-ROB Flips Providence

14 08 2016

Our friend Kevin Robinson set a Guinness World Record for the longest jump with a back flip on a BMX bike. Congratulations Kevin. Great to be there today and watch you live. Great job!
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CapeCod Beer (Factory Tour)

8 05 2016

It’s really is about the Beer!”

We had the opportunity to visit CapeCod and stopped into the CapeCod Beer Brewery.

CapeCod Beer is about Beer. Its about brewing the best beer possible, on CapeCod, for people who love CapeCod. Its about having fun, and following Todd’s calling (and passion) to brew beer professionally. Its about sharing that experience with those we meet along the way that feel the same way about beer as we do.

Cape Cod Chips (Factory Tour)

8 05 2016

We had the opportunity to visit Cape Cod and take the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour. It was very interesting.

Cape Cod Potato Chips began as the dream of two small business owners. They imagined a small operation where they could produce and sell the potato chips they had cooked in their kitchen for years. On July 4, 1980 that dream became a reality when they set up shop in a small store front in Hyannis. The big crunch of the kettle cooked chips soon became a local favorite. News of the chips quickly spread as tourist sampled the chips and took bags home to share. The business soon grew out of the store-front and a worldwide love affair with our natural snacks began.

If your in the Cape Cod area stop by and take the tour.

To learn more about the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory please visit:

Boston Marathon Snapchat (re-purposed)

8 05 2016

This was recorded on my Snapchat account and re-purposed so that it would live on…

Today we into Boston to watch the Boston Marathon. We had a great spot as the runners approached the final turn onto Boylston Street and head to the finish line.
The weather was sunny with temperature in the 60 deg. F range.
Spectators were 4 to 5 deep on the sidewalks in some areas.
To pull off an event like Boston does it takes a lot of planning and a great team. Nice job Boston!
Today’s marathon was the 120th running and 50 years for the women.
The spectators go very loud as the first wheel chair athletes rounded to corner and the volume of chairs continued to grow as the runner approached.
We saw some great support of encouragement from some runners as others were having a difficult time. There was what looked like a team of 3 men (or 3 friends) that must have run the first 26 miles together. As they approached the final 0.2 tenths of a mile and before the turned that famous corner to the finish. They all shook hands and pats on the back, and then one of these men turned up the heat as he found his final kick to the finish. Must have been good friend. There were many acts of kindness along the 26.2 miles. I’m sure of it. Great work by all of the runners today at every level. As well as to the Boston Marathon teams of volunteer that helped to make this a successful event. I am very proud to say I’m from Boston.

To learn more about the Boston Marathon please visit:
web site:
Facebook page:…

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