Blab Now Has Screen Share

8 05 2016

Here’s two screenshots from my Blab screen share beta-test adventure with Barb Tomlin this afternoon. We recorded a Blab as a test to see if the screen share is recorded. If this is possible Blab becomes a game changer.

In figure 1 example above I did a screen share into a wide screen window.

In figure 2 example above I did a screen share into a quad window. Barb, who I made a co-host also did a screen share into a second quad window. This quad sharing also works if your co-host is not in the video window but is in the live chat as a co-host.

The sharing and presentation possibilities are now endless. This new feature opens all kinds of new and exciting ideas!

Here’s how it works:

When you are the host you will see a guest seat link like this one in figure #3.

Figure #3 Guest seat with drop in’s and screen sharing

This is the window where the following is possible:

A.) A guest can join your Blab.

B.) You can drop in an on line link to a YouTube video for example.

C.) You can click the purple button to screen share.

NOTE: The first time you click this button Blab will help walk you through the process of adding the Chrome extension that allows the screen share to function. This all happens with just a few clicks. Supper easy…

Once this is done you will see a Blab Sharing Screen like the Figure 4 below.

Figure #4 — Select the screen you wan to share

Click on the screen you want to share and that’s it!

This gives you as the host, full control of the screen share. For example, you can start and stop a YouTube video for talking points or change what is on the screen like photos in your on line photo album as you click through them.

You should also know that this is a screen share. not an audio share and the audio is not shared. It is up to you or your guest to to provide the commentary for the screen share presentation. Also, when you screen share, it screen share’s in a wide screen format.

Advance tip: To share in a small box, or quad box, click and hold the purple button. After that, the process is the same.

Have fun and be creative!!!

I hope this post and testing we did helps you get started.


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