Venturing off again

17 12 2009

I’m venturing off again. Together with my friend Jim Jones we have created a new group called Southern New England Media Makers.

This group will meet the second Sunday of each month in Providence RI over breakfast.

The intent is to connect with others having the same interest of making media and social media in general. A place where we each will be given an opportunity to share what we are doing now, what tools we’re using and what technologies are available to help us make media. This is free to the public.

To learn more please visit us on the Southern New England Media Makers web site and follow us on Twitter.

We hope to see you there.

– Bruce


Media Maker

17 12 2009

For those who know me know I have a passion for video and photography.

I am the creator of Go The Distance TV a web site I developed that allows me to “highlight ordinary people doing extra ordinary things”.

Additionally we will share with you many shows we produce including Travel, Sports, Music, Food and Cooking and Corporate technology and information.

In short, Go The Distance TV features ordinary people who have done extraordinary things with their lives. The hope is that by sharing their stories, others will come away inspired and motivated to find ways to “Go The Distance” in their own lives.

Go The Distance TV can be currently be seen in the following ways.

• On Doubleacs TV15
• In the video gallery located on Go The Distance TV
• Right here on this site
YouTube and other sites you can find on the right side of this page

Please enjoy the shows!

– Bruce

Southern New England Media Makers

18 11 2009

With social media growing at an exponential rate your in the main stream or not. Everyone is using it, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or others.

What are you doing with social media and how are you using it. Are you connecting with family and friends or are you promoting a business or product?

At your Southern New England Media Makers meet up you will have the opportunity to meet others and to talk about how you are using social media, or you may have a question, or need to learn a trick with one of the applications, or want to share a new cool gadget or device.

What ever you do with social media today others are interested and want to learn more.

Will will meet the second Sunday of every month at Taza Cafe in Providence RI.

We hope to see you there.

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