Mass Cruisers Auto Club Take Over Gillette Stadium

8 05 2016

Facebook Live…
Well an the 2016 season kicked off with approximately 1000 cars cruisin’ into Gillette Stadium at Patriots Place by The Bass Pro Shops in the south lot. it was a nice time with the sun out but a bit windy.
The Bass Pro Shops managers (one of the sponsors of the event) walked around to select The Cruise of the night. On this night a 1954 Packard, Red in color won the first plaque of the 2016 season and was given the selected spot front and center.

Cruisin’ Bruce back for an other year playing the oldies but goodies and announcing adding to the excitement.

You can tell that the car owners and people visiting this free event were excited to back back out and into their cars a true mark that spring is here.

Patrick one of the club members was nice enough to spend some time again with me again this year. We walked the venue grounds highlighting all of the fun and charity work the club does.

Patrick and I spoke about many things during this Facebook LIVE broadcast. Thank you Patrick for taking the time to share the clubs mission.

This is FREE to the public. A family friendly FUN event for all.

To learn more about The Mass Cruisers Auto Club and the cruisin” schedule, please visit them at

See you soon!


Afternoon of Cruise’n

19 09 2014

Well on this day of cruise’n the weather was great and more cars came out that I have ever seen. Yes, it’s the middle of September and a chill is in the air but on this day the sun was out, the oldies were play’n the grills we’re cooking and the cars kept cruise’n into the lower lot by the Bass Pro Shop also a sponsor of Mass Cruisers Auto Club in Patriots Place at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. I heard it said that there was an estimate of close to 3000 cars tonight. It’s also been said that this cruise is the largest cruise on the east coast and by the turn out tonight you can believe it.

During the spring, summer and early fall Mass Cruisers Auto Club hosts this cruise night every other Thursday night. Its a family event were car clubs can park together in locations called for example Mustang Alley, Camaro Alley, Vet Alley and so on. There are ares set up for Trucks, Motorcycles as well as almost every type of car you can imagine from Mussel cars to the classics.

To learn more about Mass Cruisers Auto Club please visit there web site. You can also search for them to find all of their social sites including Facebook .

If your ever in the area make plans to stop in. If you have a show car or not it a great New England event that can’t be missed.

Here are a few photos from tonights cruise I stopped into see. Please enjoy them.


Collage of show cars.

Mustang with Blower

Mustang with Blower.



Mustand Alley_02

Mustang Alley

Tee Bucket_02

Tee Bucket




Dragster, looking over the shoulder

Cruise Night Parking Lot

This is only part of the parking lot filled with show cars.

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