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25 03 2011

In October of 2010 Patrick invited me on his follow Friday web based TV show. It was fun to collaborate with Patrick from both sides of the world. We also are highlighting some of our friends and what they do.


17 12 2010

On December 17, 2010 my friend Joselin Mane of Boston TweetUp hosted the second annual MegaTweetUp2 at the Microsoft Nerd center in Boston. At last count there was approximately 500 people that were registered for the event.

There were so many activities going on all at the same time you had options to venture into one or more of them.

Once you registered with the team of MegaTweetUp greeters and made it down the grand staircase, multi-tasking became the word of the day. People we tweeting, creating media, photos, videos, content, updating facebook, photo galleries, checking in on Four Square and so much more. There was live entertainment and short presentations by some of  Bostons social media best explaining how to… in a flash style format.

I had the opportunity to stream the entire event live to the internet, conducted a few interviews as people stopped in to say hello and see some of the technology I was using. You can see the entire recorded stream at BruceKGarber.TV on demand. Just click this link then the red carpet.

Here are a few photographs of some friends that stopped by.

Note: I drove to the event with my good friend Ben Spark who happen to be the official photographer for MegaTweetUp2. He has posted a link to some of the 500 photographs he recorded. Here are Bens links:
Ben Spark on Twitter
Ben Spark Blog

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click the Red Carpet to take yourself to the MegaTweetUp Live Stream on demand replay

Joselin Mane the host of MegaTweetUp opens the event with hello, hello, hello. (photo by Steve Garfield)

Group Photo by Steve Garfield

Steve Garfield talks with me about the 500th event at the Microsoft Nerd Center and CupCakes!

Lane Sutton explained to me his carrier goals and how he want to be the CEO of a very large corporation and how he used social media to promote his web site Kid Critic USA. (his mom Sheri on the right)

Kyle MacNaughtl a producer at The Pulse Network talked with me about a number of shows now playing on The Pulse including my friend Steve Garfield show on Thursdays at 2:00pm est.

It was so nice to Maggie Rulli host and anchor on The Pulse Network in person. We have been virtual friends for some time both having a passion to create great video content.

This was the second time this week Cait Downey and I connected at a tweetup. What a fun person.

Told you Cait Downey was a fun person. She even made friends with a bird!

Christine Major spent time with me talking about her new toys. Cmajor is doing some great things.

Always a fun time when Christine is in the house.

photo by William Widugiris III @WW3. I like the behing the scene photos. Thank you for sharing this one. Nice job!


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