Pub Camp Boston 2010 – Public Media Camp

22 08 2010

On Saturday August 20, 2010 the largest Pub Camp in the country was held at the WGBH studios in Boston. There were a total of six sessions consisting of 5 workshops in each session for a total of 30 workshops you could be part of. We had a break for lunch at noon where a lot of networking and connecting was happening and there was an other break in the afternoon with some surprise ice-cream that really hit the spot before we went into our last sessions.

six sessions

In my session/workshop I had the opportunity to talk about creating content for on line and on air broadcasts. I used a show and tell method, explaining how simple tools that I have in what I call my studio in a bag will get the job done. In addition I conducted a demonstration how one could stream live video to the internet from a cell phone if you set up and prepared.

Presenting at the WGBH studios in Boston

Most of these workshops had some presentation as a way to kick it off the session and some discussion and questions from the guests at each workshop.

Studio in a bag - demonstration of video equipment. photo by Steve Garfield

It was a very long but exciting day starting at 8AM and ending at 7PM with so much information at your finger tips from very knowledgeable people from a wide variety of industries as described below in an excerpt from Pub Camp Boston 2010 registration form.

Public Media Camp

We see Boston as both a media-rich and tech-rich city. We think Boston’s pubmedia presence should draw upon its resources and become a leader in media innovation. By throwing open the doors of the imposing new WGBH station for one day, we want writers, producers, designers, hackers, developers, community leaders and long-time media makers to bring in talent and leave with work to do. We want to increase the new media reporting we see growing throughout public media. We expect public media staffers to form new working relationships with guests who can inform their stories on local and national levels. We expect guests to leave having a new sense of access to their local public media stations. We expect to have new seedlings of ideas to incubate in our local news and public media stations, with the help of new friends. We expect the people of Boston to know “something happened” at 1 Guest Street on August 21 that changed how their media stations work together.

It was a great day and I had a lot of fun!

We will be planning more Pub Camps in Boston soon. Stay tuned and stay connected by following Pub Camp Boston on Twitter.




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