PodCamp NH 2011 in 137 seconds

14 08 2011

What is PodCamp NH, it is an innovative gathering of new media enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone curious about what comes next in blogging, social media, podcasting, video on the net, and so much more. It’s called an UnConference because the attendees themselves present the sessions, workshops, and panel discussions. Get ready to connect at Podcamp NH!

This 137 second video see what happens at PodCamp NH 2011 thru my eyes. It is not everything that happened at PodCamp, in fact there was so much one could not see it all. There were 4 tracks consisting of 26 sessions. Of course one can only visit one session at a time so you have to stargaze your plan early. Great learning, connecting and fun was had by all and by the way lunch was fabulous!





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