A Wicked Ride – Wisdom to Youth Event

12 06 2013

Happy to help my friend Scott Moroney producer of A Wicked Ride ( http://awickedride.com )during the Wisdom to Youth ( http://krobevents.com/i/wisdom_to_youth/ ) event help on June 8, 2013. A film about BMX bike competition in New England in the 1980’s.
Here are a few photos from the day’s event.

Sponsored by RedBull

others: http://www.tablesandfables.com/2013/06/wisdom-to-youth-event/

#awickedride #bmxbikes #bmx #redbull #redbullbmx

A Wicked Ride Scott Moroney_001

A Wicked Ride Old School_001

A Wicked Ride_005

A Wicked Ride_008

A Wicked Ride Red Bull Girls_001

A Wicked Ride_020

A Wicked Ride Bruce_001




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