2013 Wisdom to Youth Contest Presented by the KROB Foundation

23 06 2013

One June 8th, KRob Events hosted the 1st annual Wisdom to Youth contest in E. Providence, RI. It featured riders from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and the current riders tearing it all over New England. We had some special guests come in from PA, OR, CA, OH, AZ, NV, GA and the UK.

Later that night we premiered “A Wicked Ride”, The Grassroots of New England BMX Freestyle.

This was an amazing day!!!

For more information about next year’s event, please visithttp://KROBFoundation.org .

Thank you to all the sponsors: including Red Bull, Hoffman Bikes, HEAL, Play It Again Now, Grindz, Maximum Velocity, Eastern Action Sports, Eastern Bikes and Woodward.

For more information on the contest, please visit:

For more information on A Wicked Ride, please visit:

Video by: +Bruce Garber
Edited by: +Scott Moroney

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A Wicked Ride – Wisdom to Youth Event

12 06 2013

Happy to help my friend Scott Moroney producer of A Wicked Ride ( http://awickedride.com )during the Wisdom to Youth ( http://krobevents.com/i/wisdom_to_youth/ ) event help on June 8, 2013. A film about BMX bike competition in New England in the 1980’s.
Here are a few photos from the day’s event.

Sponsored by RedBull

others: http://www.tablesandfables.com/2013/06/wisdom-to-youth-event/

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A Wicked Ride Scott Moroney_001

A Wicked Ride Old School_001

A Wicked Ride_005

A Wicked Ride_008

A Wicked Ride Red Bull Girls_001

A Wicked Ride_020

A Wicked Ride Bruce_001

VPW – New England Freestyle BMX Bikes X Games 06242012

19 08 2012

Scott Moroney and Bruce Garber took Virtual Photo Walks to see the cavemen of trick bike riding hangout with old friends from some of the original crew that started this sport before it became what is known today as the X Games. We had a great day watching as these men showed us some of the tricks they invented as well as some great conversation.

This was a FUN event and we hope you enjoy watching it as much as our friends did.

Virtual Photo Walks, “Walk the walk for those that can’t”.

If you would like to get involved with Virtual Photo Walks or know someone that would benefit from this program. Please contact us at virtualphotowalks@gmail.com

Get involved today!

Thank you for watching and sharing.

Special Thank You to Rich Upjohn, Sonny Singh, Paul Delaiarro, Craig Valois, Rob LeClair, Mike Miller, Mike Fink, Rick MacDonald and Scott Moroney.

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