Ashley’s Random Act of Kindness

17 12 2013

Ashley_001click this photo to listen to the audio clip

If you know me you know I like to highlight ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This is one of those stories.
Ashley’s a friend of mine I meet one year ago and had the opportunity to see again this past weekend. We stay friends on the social networks. Sunday Ashley shared by posting an inspiring experience she recently had. I wanted to share it with you in hopes it may also inspire you especially during this holiday season.
This is what Ashley wrote.
I had just finished shoveling out my mom’s driveway – tired and hungry I was heading back home when I saw a little old lady, knee deep in heavy snow at the foot of her driveway, poking holes in the snow with an old broomstick. I pulled over and offered to help.
She told me that had been up since 5 a.m, watching the snow accumulate and periodically stepping outside with her broomstick. “Every year,” she said ” I just poke holes in the snow for the sun to get through and I pray to God that it goes away.”
Using a shovel that she admitted was too heavy for her to carry off her porch, I started shoveling. She followed me, walking in paths that I created for her, telling me all about herself; where she grew up, how she loves to garden, her prayers, a dog that she used to care for…
An hour later we stood at the end of her long, shoveled driveway – her with her broomstick and I with her shovel. She asked if she could give me anything, rambling off ideas she had like tea, cookies or some old gardening books. I kindly asked her to accept it as a gift and wished her a happy holiday. “Well,” she said, as she adjusted her little knit hat, “this is the best Christmas gift that I have ever received.”
Remembering how amazing it feels to give… particularly to those who need it most and sharing this story with hopes that others will too.




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