National Sand Sculpting Festival – Revere, MA 2014

20 07 2014
 CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Grains of sand transformed into large sculptures as artists took over Revere Beach in Massachusetts on July 18. brucekgarber photographed some of the outstanding sand sculptures at this year’s National Sand Sculpting Festival. The 2014 theme for the festival was Thank you for your service, he explained. One of the highlights of the festival is watching artists sculpt the centerpiece.
– Jareen, CNN iReport producerLink to CNN iReport:
Photo CNN iReport Photo Essays_2014-07-19Revere Beach is located six miles north of downtown Boston.In 2004, the first New England Sand Sculpting Festival was held on the beach.The annual contest soon offered cash prizes that attracts famous sculptors from all over the world. This year’s competition is taking place right now from Friday July 18 to Sunday July 20, 2014.The rules:
– The plot size is 18 ft x 18 ft.
– Only sand and water are allowed.
– Sculptors receive approx. 12 tons of sand.
– Sculptors work from 8 am to 5 pm.
– Sculptors are given 45 mins. for lunch.
– No work will be allowed during lunch break.
– There are a total of 30 hours of competition.
– Only the master sculptor may work in the plot.
– Assistance may help remove forms.
– All forms must be removed prior to judging.
– All “pounded up” sand must be altered by hand.Judging Criteria:
– Overall Impact.
– Quality of Carving.
– Usage of Sand
– Degree of Difficulty.
– Originality.
– Artistic Impression.Prizes:
– 1st Prize: $5000.00
– 2nd Prize: $4000.00
– 3rd Prize: 3000.00
– Peoples Choice: $1000.00Best of Luck to all of the Artists.
The Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival 2014 winners are:
– Peoples Choice-Pavel Myinkov: Time is Running Out.
– 4th Place: Melineige Beauregard: Eternal Love.
– 3rd Place: Dan Doubleday: Snail Trail.
– 2nd Place: Jobi Bouchard: War-My Heart Tells Me Otherwise.
– 1st Place: Rusty Croft- Double Vision photo image: Joe Siciliano
credit, link and photos for the winners here:

My CNN iReport Assignment Report:


National Sand Sculpting Festival - CNN iReport - 2014-07-19_001

Center piece of the festival – “Thank You For Your Service”

National Sand Sculpting Festival - CNN iReport - 2014-07-19_002

Music In The Sand

National Sand Sculpting Festival - CNN iReport - 2014-07-19_003

Nice To Meet You

National Sand Sculpting Festival - CNN iReport - 2014-07-19_004

Nothing & Everything Traditional About This Sand Castle by: Walter McDonald of South Padre Island, Texas

National Sand Sculpting Festival - CNN iReport - 2014-07-19_005

Time Is Running Out by: Pavel Myinkov of Moscow, Russia

National Sand Sculpting Festival - CNN iReport - 2014-07-19_006


Time-Lapse of the 2014 Revere Beach National Sand Sculpting Festival Center Sculpture by @reveretv



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