Meet My New Friend Karolien Soete, Artist…

8 05 2016

From around the world I meet karolien soete today who supersized me beyond belief…

Meet my new friend karolien soete from Belgium who I meet today in a Blab live interactive video space. We started talking and sharing things we enjoy and what we do. Come to find out the Karolien is an artist. Some of my favorite people. I love the creativity and joy she brings with her everywhere she goes.

My dad was an artist and my youngest son is doing some amazing things with art and technology as a Snapchat artist and story teller. So you know my interest runs deep.

Back to Karolien, “From an early age, when still in grammar school, she knew that she wanted to be an artist,” Karolien works today as an artist and I would encourage you all to follow her Karolien and her work (see links below). From The Talking Walls Project (A life-size animation) painted directly on a wall of the company or the location is key for verbal contribution of the employees or citizens and is essential to its creation… You can learn more here:

Karolien is a BizzBuzz award winner 2014 and has many other credits to her amazing career.

After our very interesting conversation this morning I received this note from Karolien. It reads; Hey Bruce, I made a quick life sketch of you just now. You can share if you like, I made it with pleasure, enjoyed our talk a lot!

I have always said I have some of the greatest friends in the world and Karolien Soete in no exception. She is indeed my newest best friend.

Thank you very much Karolien for such a great supersize. You are AMAZING!!!

Below are links to her social presents and information about Karolien and her art.

Web site:



She will amaze you in ways you can only imagine.




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