A Day On Cape Cod, Sandwich and Area

17 09 2017

We had the opportunity to visit Cape Cod with a starting destination of the Boardwalk in Sandwich. We took a lot of photographs and with a little girl moms permission I photographed her daughter playing in the low tide mud. She and her friends were having so much fun as was I. One just never knows when a great photo opportunity will present itself.

From Sandwich we just drove stopping along the way to photograph whatever we thought may be interesting to us. We did a kind of drive and click. We also stopped into the Dexter Grist Mill in Sandwich, MA. We took the tour that was given by two gentlemen that told us about the mill’s history with some comedy thrown in. These two men were funny. Well worth the modest entrance fee.

It was a great day. And as the sun set, the fog rolled in. And rolled in very quickly giving us an other opportunity for fog photos along the sea coast the next day. Stay tuned for more photo of our weekend. How was your weekend?

Hope you had fun in whatever you did.




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