A Day At Ogunquit Maine – Beautiful Place by the Sea

14 09 2017

Well it’s Labor Day weekend and we had the opportunity to visit Ogunquit Maine. It’s name means Beautiful Place by the Sea, and on this day it was. The weather was great and the sky was blue with some wispy clouds. A great day for photography.

We started or visit by making a traditional stop by Flo’s Hot Dog Stand. Its a family owned business since 1959. Its the secret sauce that makes it special.

Then we drove into Perkins Cove parked our car and walked around the cove visiting some of the local shops and the famous manually operated walking draw bridge. When a sail bout is coming in it’s up to the people on the bridge to press the button sounding the warning bell allowing the bridge to open to the passing boat with a tall mast.

Onto the The Marginal Way, A 1 1/4 mile Coastal Stroll along the seashore. We finished our stroll at Ogunquit Beach stopping into one of the local restaurants to quench our thirst, meet some interesting people and had some conversation.

It’s been a fun day so far and we drove down Shore Road to Cape Neddick Lobster Pound where at sunset we walked around back to photograph some boats in the harbor during the golden hour. The reflections in the water was nice to see before the sun set and we went in for dinner.

We had a lot of fun and that part of Maine is one of our go to destinations every year. Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend and enjoy a few of our photographs.





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