Christopher Ciccone – Tanzania Wildlife

4 04 2020

Christopher Ciccone has enjoyed a lifelong interest in all aspects of photography. His working career has primarily been on the printing and production side of the industry, and has had the pleasure of printing for and working with some excellent professional photographers over the years. With his growing interest in the natural world (especially birds), it was inevitable that he would combine these two passions, and in the last several years, he has concentrated his efforts in being behind the camera again. Christophers goal is to share portraits, interesting behaviors, and moments often too fleeting for the casual observer to catch, so that more people become interested in, and care about preserving, the wildlife of our planet. In this presentation from Tanzania Christopher will share some images and stories from that trip. Please join us for Christophers Presentation on Tanzania Wildlife.


Ellen Kawadler – Painting With Photoshop

4 04 2020

Ellen Kawadler loves photographing and capturing a moment in time, an expression, a long forgotten historical piece, wildlife, flowers, and landscapes. Her completed images frequently are far from her originally envisioned creation. She enjoys taking the artistry beyond the initial capture by using her imagination and challenging herself to craft an appealing piece which, when finished, gives her a feeling of accomplishment and hopefully takes the viewer to another place and time. Ellen is an award winning photographer, lives in Massachusetts, just south of Boston where she is actively involved with the Stony Brook Camera Club, the Blackstone Heritage Corridor Photography Ambassadors, and the Greater Boston Night Photography Meetup group. Ellens proficiency in post-processing in both Lightroom and Photoshop has allowed her to share her skills through presentations and workshops to various camera clubs as well as offering individual tutoring. Ellens most recent endeavor is taking her images to another level by painting them with Photoshop. Ellen has developed a simple process to give a real painterly look to the images that she is now teaching in workshops. Please join us for Ellens presentation on Painting with Photoshop.

Steven Koppel Self Expression Through Imagery

4 04 2020

Steven Koppel is a Brewster resident of over 20 years with extensive photographing the flats and beaches of Cape Cod. Professionally, Steve spent 20 years as a senior partner performing business consulting work with Accenture, leaving in 2002 to volunteer with non-profit organizations to help maximize social impact. Steve’s work includes serving on the board of the Dana – Farber Cancer Institute, and roles with several other healthcare organizations including McLean Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Gosnold on Cape Cod. Steve is represented by FOCUS Gallery in Chatham, recently published a book on the Brewster Flats, and is a frequent speaker on the subject of self-expression through imagery. He is also the founder of the non-profit EDI Institute, focused on the use of digital imagery to promote healing and resilience for those facing challenges including cancer and mental illness. Learn more about EDI and watch Steve’s TEDx talk at During this session, Steve will share his views of imagery as a form of self-expression, emphasizing not only technique but also the overall photographic experience. Steve specializes in creative approaches for expressing movement of water, and these will be explored extensively. Self-Expression Through Imagery he believes in the power of self-expression through imagery, independent of an individual’s artistic training or background. This presentation will explore imagery as a form of self-expression, both from the perspective of a passionate photographer and from the view of individuals who are self-proclaimed “non-artists.” Steve will share examples of his own imagery conveying feelings and experiences during specific moments on the beaches and tidal flats of Cape Cod. He will also present images created by individuals using Expressive Digital Imagery (EDI) on mobile devices to convey thoughts and feelings in ways not possible through words alone. Many of these individuals face challenges including mental illness, cancer, and addiction, and he will share the moving stories they tell through digital imagery. Join us for Steven Koppel’s presentation on Self Expression through Imagery.

Debra Boucher Bugs, Birds and Bouquets

4 04 2020

Did you know there’s a whole different kind of world out there? Well, there is, right in you own backyard. If you have ever seen Debra Boucher photographs you know exactly what I mean. Debra enjoys photographing that small world of insects and bug. If you were to crawl around in your yard you’ll be very surprised what you may find. Close up photography and discovering insects and how colorful they are and how they move or pose for the camera is fascinating. The majority of her insect images you see have been taken handheld. Can you believe that? Here’s another secret. Do not just look down as you crawl around but look up into the sky, trees and bushes. Where birds fly and nest. There is always something to photograph. And when you just can not find any wildlife to photograph Debra enjoys flowers. Look into the wetlands near your home or just about anywhere. Be creative and capture what interests you. Debra also loves sitting at the computer for hours, creating fine art with her images seeing where the art takes her. It’s all about the journey and the end resulting image may supersize you. Debra has worked as a photojournalist for a local newspaper and is a volunteer photographer for the an other agency, photographing the historical places located in the corridor. Join us for Debra’s presentation on Bugs, Birds and Bouquets, Backyard Photography!

Peter Christoph – The Art Of Bird Photography

4 04 2020

Peter Christoph is a well-known wildlife advocate, naturalist and award-winning wildlife photographer based in Lancaster, Massachuestts. He has a great respect for wildlife and through his presentations seeks to raise awareness of the need to conserve bird habitat. Peter has presented at photography groups nationally and locally, including the Photographic Society of America (PSA), New England Camera Club Council (NECCC,) and several camera clubs throughout New England. He is a regular speaker for the Appalachian Mountain Club, Mass Audubon and the National Wildlife Refuge System, as well as numerous birding clubs and dozens of libraries. Peter is Vice Chairman of the Massachusetts Camera Naturalists (an invitation-only nature group), and is past president of the Camera Club of Central New England. He has been the recipient of many prestigious national and international awards and gold medals recognizing his photographic talent. Peter is also responsible for publishing three bird photography books, including his latest “The Art of Bird Photography.” Peter will be talking to our Camera Club about his latest book and adventures called “THE ART OF BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY”. Peter Christoph will share with you his epic birding adventures in a presentation that is both entertaining and informative. Filled with lively anecdotes he explains the techniques he uses to capture his intimate portraits of birds in their natural habitat. This presentation covers essential gear, for photographing birds and discusses important settings and features of your camera which are useful for wildlife photography. Peter will take you beyond simply enhancing your bird photography skills and share with you his own approach to the art of bird photography in terms of lighting, composition, action, environment and background, in order to make outstanding images that tell a story and are sure to connect the viewer to the subject. Peter’s programs are educational, inspirational, and entertaining as he shares his pictures, his photographic techniques, and favorite locations where he shoots. Join us for Peters presentation on “The Art Of Bird Photography.”

Kurt Budliger – Go With The Flow

4 04 2020

“Go With The Flow – Guide to Making Dynamic Images of Flowing Water” presented by Kurt Budliger Since the dawn of time human beings have been drawn to and derived not only sustenance but also artistic inspiration from our water resources. As a photographer and fly fisherman I’m constantly drawn to and connect with landscapes that feature flowing water. The varied, shapes, patterns, textures and reflected colors provide a never-ending palette of inspiration and photographic discovery. Whether photographing streams draped in autumn color, waterfalls flowing full with spring runoff or working along the coast with crashing waves, there are a number of technical and creative challenges to overcome in our pursuit to convey the dynamic beauty of these special environments. During this presentation we’ll explore a variety of topics and considerations that are critical to your success when shooting water.

Bio: Kurt has been photographing the natural landscape for over 24 years and has been a professional photographer for the past 14. His photographs and articles have appeared in numerous books, calendars, advertising campaigns, magazines and are routinely used by non-profit conservation organizations working to protect wild lands. His clients include Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, National Geographic Adventure, Outside Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Vermont Life Magazine, Eastern Fly Fishing, Patagonia, 1% for the Planet, Trout Unlimited, Trust for Public Land, The Nature Conservancy, and many more. Website Links:

Betty Wiley Lightroom and Photoshop

4 04 2020

Lightroom and Photoshop are designed to work seamlessly together. However many folks prefer to just use Lightroom because they are unsure of when (and how) to take images from Lightroom to Photoshop (and back). Betty Wiley has been using Photoshop for over 20 years and Lightroom since it was first released and she will discuss when she uses Lightroom and when she prefers to use Photoshop and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Betty Wiley’s Bio: Betty Wiley is a professional freelance photographer and instructor based on Cape Cod. She conducts photography workshops on Cape Cod and elsewhere in New England and teaches Lightroom and Photoshop for the Cape Cod Art Association, Alison Caron Design and for camera clubs and other organizations. She is the author of a popular ebook entitled Capturing the Light: A Photographer’s Guide to Cape Cod. She is a frequent contributor to various magazines including Cape Cod Magazine, Chatham Magazine, South Shore Living, Cape Cod Guide and others. She believes that good light and composition are keys to a successful image and she is often out before sunrise and at sunset to capture the beautiful light that Cape Cod is known for. You can find Betty’s Website Here:

Workshop, Pocket Photography

4 04 2020

Become a better Pocket Photographer!

Year In Review

4 01 2020

A look back into 2019

Moments In Time Over The Years

4 01 2020

Over the years i’ve been many places, made many friends, enjoyed my family. I have told and shared a lot of visual stories. I would like to think I grew with technology using it for work, fun and as a creative outlet. On one occasion I was recording an artist friend of mine and comment to him, I wish I was an artist. His reply stuck with me and think of it often. He said, you are an artist! Photography, video, broadcasting and podcasting is an art form. You are an artist! I never thought of what I do in that way. Maybe I am. What do you think? I enjoy listening to others tell their stories. Everyone has a story to tell. Every story weather written or told in an audio or video format has a beginning middle and end. These images your watching now is only part of my story. It’s only some of the places i’ve been, only some of the friends i’ve made and only some of the stories I told. I’ve had many on line / on air shows including Through Your Eyes, 60 Second Stories, Ordinary People / Extraordinary Things, Go The Distance TV, to name a few. For me these images act as a reminded for me of those moments in time. After all that is what photography is. As it were. A moment in time, a memory, a 500th of a second. I hope you have good memories and many moments in time! ====== Some of my creative friends have sent me drawings of my likeness, have been photoshop creative with my image. All in good fun I would like to think. Thank you for being part of my life. Spending a moment in time with me, and being a friend. Here’s to many more moments of visual story telling, moments in time. Keep being creative! It’s fun!

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