Landscape Astro Photography with Lynda Appel

2 05 2020

The when, where and how of capturing the Milky Way, star trails including locations, equipment, and camera settings with my friend Lynda Appel.

Ugo Cei Landscape Photography 101

4 04 2020

Landscape Photography with Ugo Cei. Ugo is an educator who helps enthusiasts share the worlds beauty. Ugo is a travel photographer Podcast Host, The Traveling Image Makers And a lot more…

Through Your Eyes with Stephen Sherlock

4 04 2020

In the episode of Through Your Eyes we meet and talk to Stephen Sherlock and how he go started with photography and how he uses technology today.

Social Distancing and Nature

4 04 2020

Today during our walk to get some fresh air and a few pictures I decided to take my camera club friends along for part of our walk. I was able to share with them a red tail hawk and ospreys feeding along the sea shore. We had lots of fun sharing and answering comments from my friends as we kept our social distance.

Naples Zoo

4 04 2020

We had the opportunity to visit the Naples Zoo in South West Florida. Lots of animals. Great place to visit with family and friends. If you enjoy photography bring your camera. Lots of wildlife and nature photography.

Naples Botanical Garden

4 04 2020

We had the opportunity to visit this beautiful place in South West Florida. This is a few images to remember The Naples Botanical Garden.

Steven Perimutter and Bob Lussier – Preserving History through Photography

4 04 2020

The concept of “preserving history through photography” is the driving force behind Historic Mills Photography Workshops. The desire to capture the storied history of the old mills of Lawrence, and the city itself, is what brought photographers Steven Perlmutter and Robert Lussier together to create this unique photography workshop program. For over a decade, Bob and Steven have been exploring the classic 19th and early-20th century architecture of the mills in order to document the remnants of a bygone era of manufacturing and opportunity with their cameras. Their fascination with Lawrence’s historically important past, and a desire to preserve it, has inspired them to share their passion for photography and the mills with other like-minded individuals since their workshops started in 2013. Steven and Bob’s photographic style is documentary with a fine-art approach. They strive to not only capture and document these impressive buildings, but to also translate what some may consider old and run-down into something that others would consider art. And anytime they’re exploring the mills, they will always keep one important goal in mind: tread lightly, and always leave any space in a mill exactly as they found it. Partnering with current mill owners, as well as the Lawrence History Center, Steven and Bob have a created a unique opportunity for photographers of all skill levels and interests to explore, photograph, and preserve a piece of Lawrence’s history, while also learning new photography skills. Their hope is that participants will come away with memorable images, and also an appreciation for the impact that the city and it’s mills have had on the region. Join us for Stevens and Bob’s presentation on Preserving History through Photography…

Christopher Ciccone – Tanzania Wildlife

4 04 2020

Christopher Ciccone has enjoyed a lifelong interest in all aspects of photography. His working career has primarily been on the printing and production side of the industry, and has had the pleasure of printing for and working with some excellent professional photographers over the years. With his growing interest in the natural world (especially birds), it was inevitable that he would combine these two passions, and in the last several years, he has concentrated his efforts in being behind the camera again. Christophers goal is to share portraits, interesting behaviors, and moments often too fleeting for the casual observer to catch, so that more people become interested in, and care about preserving, the wildlife of our planet. In this presentation from Tanzania Christopher will share some images and stories from that trip. Please join us for Christophers Presentation on Tanzania Wildlife.

Ellen Kawadler – Painting With Photoshop

4 04 2020

Ellen Kawadler loves photographing and capturing a moment in time, an expression, a long forgotten historical piece, wildlife, flowers, and landscapes. Her completed images frequently are far from her originally envisioned creation. She enjoys taking the artistry beyond the initial capture by using her imagination and challenging herself to craft an appealing piece which, when finished, gives her a feeling of accomplishment and hopefully takes the viewer to another place and time. Ellen is an award winning photographer, lives in Massachusetts, just south of Boston where she is actively involved with the Stony Brook Camera Club, the Blackstone Heritage Corridor Photography Ambassadors, and the Greater Boston Night Photography Meetup group. Ellens proficiency in post-processing in both Lightroom and Photoshop has allowed her to share her skills through presentations and workshops to various camera clubs as well as offering individual tutoring. Ellens most recent endeavor is taking her images to another level by painting them with Photoshop. Ellen has developed a simple process to give a real painterly look to the images that she is now teaching in workshops. Please join us for Ellens presentation on Painting with Photoshop.

Steven Koppel Self Expression Through Imagery

4 04 2020

Steven Koppel is a Brewster resident of over 20 years with extensive photographing the flats and beaches of Cape Cod. Professionally, Steve spent 20 years as a senior partner performing business consulting work with Accenture, leaving in 2002 to volunteer with non-profit organizations to help maximize social impact. Steve’s work includes serving on the board of the Dana – Farber Cancer Institute, and roles with several other healthcare organizations including McLean Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Gosnold on Cape Cod. Steve is represented by FOCUS Gallery in Chatham, recently published a book on the Brewster Flats, and is a frequent speaker on the subject of self-expression through imagery. He is also the founder of the non-profit EDI Institute, focused on the use of digital imagery to promote healing and resilience for those facing challenges including cancer and mental illness. Learn more about EDI and watch Steve’s TEDx talk at During this session, Steve will share his views of imagery as a form of self-expression, emphasizing not only technique but also the overall photographic experience. Steve specializes in creative approaches for expressing movement of water, and these will be explored extensively. Self-Expression Through Imagery he believes in the power of self-expression through imagery, independent of an individual’s artistic training or background. This presentation will explore imagery as a form of self-expression, both from the perspective of a passionate photographer and from the view of individuals who are self-proclaimed “non-artists.” Steve will share examples of his own imagery conveying feelings and experiences during specific moments on the beaches and tidal flats of Cape Cod. He will also present images created by individuals using Expressive Digital Imagery (EDI) on mobile devices to convey thoughts and feelings in ways not possible through words alone. Many of these individuals face challenges including mental illness, cancer, and addiction, and he will share the moving stories they tell through digital imagery. Join us for Steven Koppel’s presentation on Self Expression through Imagery.

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