Evan Garber – Snapchat Influencer

12 06 2015

For those who know me, we’re very proud of what our son Evan ( @emgarber ) is doing with his art, story Telling and Snapchat.

Evan was just featured on Creators Class with Nick Robinson and Nick Cicero. You can listen to the podcast here titled Evan Garber – Snapchat Influencer. http://creatorsclass.com/evan-garber-snapchat-influencer/

You can also learn more about Evan by following him on Snapchat and all of his social network platforms including:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SnapchatEmgarber?fref=ts
Twitter – https://twitter.com/emgarbersnaps
Instagram – @emgarber
Google+ – https://plus.google.com/u/0/+EvanGarber/posts
Tumbler – http://emgarber.tumblr.com/
and other’s, search on EMGARBER

Also, to learn more about The Creators Class Follow @NickCicero and subscribe to his podcast CREATORS CLASS with Nick Robinson and Nick Cicero here is the link: http://creatorsclass.com/ 

Snapchat Influencer

Snapchat Influencer


Snapchat Artist Emgarber (aka Evan Garber) on Snapchat Talk Show

6 11 2014
Talkin’ Snap with Radio Host Mark Kaye +The Mark Kaye Show and special guest Emgarber +Evan Garber .
Some of you may know that Evan has been using his art to create amazing Snapcharts. Mark Kaye morning radio show host of http://www.wape.com/ interviewed Evan this week. Check them out!
Sharing Is Caring, Please Share.
Full disclosure. Emgarber is my son.

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