Boston Marathon Snapchat (re-purposed)

8 05 2016

This was recorded on my Snapchat account and re-purposed so that it would live on…

Today we into Boston to watch the Boston Marathon. We had a great spot as the runners approached the final turn onto Boylston Street and head to the finish line.
The weather was sunny with temperature in the 60 deg. F range.
Spectators were 4 to 5 deep on the sidewalks in some areas.
To pull off an event like Boston does it takes a lot of planning and a great team. Nice job Boston!
Today’s marathon was the 120th running and 50 years for the women.
The spectators go very loud as the first wheel chair athletes rounded to corner and the volume of chairs continued to grow as the runner approached.
We saw some great support of encouragement from some runners as others were having a difficult time. There was what looked like a team of 3 men (or 3 friends) that must have run the first 26 miles together. As they approached the final 0.2 tenths of a mile and before the turned that famous corner to the finish. They all shook hands and pats on the back, and then one of these men turned up the heat as he found his final kick to the finish. Must have been good friend. There were many acts of kindness along the 26.2 miles. I’m sure of it. Great work by all of the runners today at every level. As well as to the Boston Marathon teams of volunteer that helped to make this a successful event. I am very proud to say I’m from Boston.

To learn more about the Boston Marathon please visit:
web site:
Facebook page:…


Evan Garber – Snapchat Influencer

12 06 2015

For those who know me, we’re very proud of what our son Evan ( @emgarber ) is doing with his art, story Telling and Snapchat.

Evan was just featured on Creators Class with Nick Robinson and Nick Cicero. You can listen to the podcast here titled Evan Garber – Snapchat Influencer.

You can also learn more about Evan by following him on Snapchat and all of his social network platforms including:
Facebook –
Twitter –
Instagram – @emgarber
Google+ –
Tumbler –
and other’s, search on EMGARBER

Also, to learn more about The Creators Class Follow @NickCicero and subscribe to his podcast CREATORS CLASS with Nick Robinson and Nick Cicero here is the link: 

Snapchat Influencer

Snapchat Influencer

BMM Boston Media Makers 10th year Anniversary

31 01 2015

I tried a media marker experiment. I used Snapchat to create a Snapchat story consisting of photos and video clips. Withe permission from The Boston Media Host Stave Garfield I used his meeting roll call video and some photos shared by the group via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms to create this short video.

Today it Boston Media Makers 10th Anniversary and we celebrated it with friends sharing similar interests over breakfast.

If your ever in or live the Boston area, Boston Media Makers meets the first Sunday of every month. We never cancel and the coffee is free.

To learm more about Boston Media Makers please visit

We hope to meet you at a meeting soon.


Have a Snappy New Year

28 12 2014

Where will I be tonight?
Lets have FUN!
Take a selfie with me (The Snapchat Ghost) where ever you are or whatever your doing with whoever your with and share it on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #SnappyNewYear.

Have a safe and very Snappy New Year!


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