Sarah Hill_U_News Behind Scenes via Google Plus On-Air Hangout

26 12 2011

Here is a short segment of us as we spoke about some new On Air features from Google+ from U_News uses G+ Hangouts as a “back channel” of sorts to interact with viewers during the show and also give people a forum to comment about the day’s news.

This video clip is behind the scenes of yesterday’s show. We had about 6 co-hosts on yesterday’s show from all around the globe. U_News airs on +KOMU 8 News , the NBC affiliate in Columbia, MO. KOMU-TV is also the training lab for the Missouri School of Journalism, so students are also learning how to integrate this Hangout technology into their crowd sourcing and their storytelling.


Interactive News Presented To Students via Google+ Hangout

25 09 2011

On September 24, 2011 While I was attending PodCamp Boston 6 at the Microsoft N.E.R.D. center in Boston I took part in a Google+ hangout with +Sarah Hill The Interactive Anchor/Reporter at KOMU-TV. Host of U_News @ 4, an interactive conversation about “U” and today’s news.

As Sarah spoke to auditorium of students and parents calling us her international inner circle.

All had heard of Google Plus but none had heard of Hangouts.

We demonstrated one and you should have seen the look on their faces. Don’t you just love seeing the first Hangout aha moment?

+Peter McDermott simulated a breaking news event on his Ipad2 walking around neighborhood, I was impressed with the video quality.

Thanks for helping me demonstrate Hangout’s use in TV News +Kim Beasley +Bruce Garber +Mike Downes +Laurent Jean Philippe Ravalec +Dolidh Young +Alejandro Fernandez-Lovo +Joseph Puglisi

video originally screen captured and shared by +Kim Beasley

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